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Mr. Molby was a large man, standing about 6 ft. 3 in. in height and weighing 265 pounds; a democrat in politics, he served his town of Van Buren as supervisor in 1851. He also held a commission as Captain of Company G of the 75th Regiment of the National Guards of the State of New York.

Late in 1863, or early in 1864, he sold his property here and moved to the state of Michigan where, on March 31 of the latter year, he bought a farm of 120 acres located between Hillsdale and Reading. This was his home for the remainder of his life.

Samuel Molby's grandchildren:

Chester J. & Jane M. (Orvis) Molby had children:

1. Jane Molby, b. about 1863; d. Aug. 28, 1865, ae. 2. Buried in the Samuel Molby family lot, Oak Grove cemetery, Hillsdale, Mich.

2. Frank Lewis Molby, b. about 1868; d. 1939; m. Grace ----. They had one son, Richard V., b. in Washington, D.C.(?) about 1896. Frank Lewis was a student in Hillsdale College. He spent much of his life in Supervising Architect's Office in Washington, D.C. For a time he was an architect in Detroit. His wife is living in Washington, D.C. (1954). He was born in Hillsdale, Mich., and died in Beallsville, Maryland.

3. Edgar G. Molby, b. about 1870; d. about 1920; m. Nellie ----. They had a daughter, Beatrice Molby. Edgar G. was a student in Hillsdale College. He was later an executive in the offices of Pierce, Butler and Pierce, of Syracuse, N.Y., and manager of the eastern office in New York City, and later in business for him- self. His home was at Richmond Hill, L.I.

Samuel James & Adelia H. (Molony) Molby had children:

1. Fred A Molby, b. Jan. 5, 1878, near Linn, Ks; m. 1st Sept. 17, 1907, at Newton, Ks., Leona Mae Houghton, b. Dec. 14, 1882, near Linn, Ks., dau. of Austin Elmore Houghton, b. May 29, 1844, near Springfield, Ill.; d. Jan. 13, 1926, Morgantown, W.Va., and Eva K. Stem, b. Jan. 23, 1860, in Ohio, and d. at Greenleaf, Ks., Jan. 29, 1894. They were m. at Waterville, Ks., Sept. 27, 1876. Buried at Spiers cemetery, Linn, Kansas.

A. E. Houghton's ancestry traces (Houghton Genealogy) to one of the brothers, John and Ralph Houghton, who came to the Colonies six generations before him. His father and mother were Alvin Houghton and Betsy Hilton, dau. of Richard and Betsy Hilton. Alvin's father and mother were Nathan and Patty Houghton. These families were of Anson and Madison, Maine. Alvin Houghton was b. June 12, 1810, Madison, Me., and Betsy (Hilton) Houghton was b. in Anson, Me., June 17, 1815. They were m. at Skowhegan Falls, Me., Sept. 6, 1835. The lineage of Austin's four grandparents back to the emigrant ancestors is found in the Houghton Genealogy, the Hilton Genealogy, the Dinsmore Genealogy, and the Crosby Genealogy.

Leona Mae (Houghton) Molby died June 30, 1944, at Morgantown, West Virginia. Burial at Spiers cemetery, Linn, Kansas.