Jonathan Maltby Data




The compiler of the accompanying 75 pages concerning Jonathan Maltby (or Molby) overheard a conversation between two great-grandsons of Jona than of Camillus, about the year 1905. At that time there were yet a half dozen or more grandchildren of Jonathan living. The oldest of them probably never saw Jonathan or his photograph for he most surely died before the first portrait photography. The compiler saw some of these grandchildren and corresponded with all of them to learn as much as they could tell about Jonathan and his family. They knew that written records left by Jonathan had been in the possession of his son, Jacob Maltby, also of the Town of Camillus. They also knew that these records were lost in a fire which burned the late home of Jacob, which was then the home of John and Sally Bowman. Jacob's widow, Sally, had married her former brother-in-law, John Bowman.

Many of the great-grandchildren and later descendants have favored us with information they might have to offer. The purpose of the compil er has been to recover and record as much information as could be about the earlier generations rather than to compile complete data about the present generation. The late Dorothy Maltby Verrill (1877-1957), geneal ogist of the Maltby-Maltbie Family, made wide search and inquiry into this question. She believed that Jonathan_4_ Maltbie, born in Branford, Conn., 1751, was the Jonathan who later lived at Lenox, Mass., and still later at Salem, Washington County, N.Y., and finally at Camillus, Ononda ga County, N.Y. Mrs. Verrill incorporated the family of Jonathan of Camillus in her 800 page typed manuscript of the Maltby family. Please see page 75 herewith for reference to this and other articles.

A number of genealogists and local historians of Connecticut, Massa chusetts, and New York, living in the localities where Jonathan is supposed to have lived and in those where we know he lived, have searched diligently for the local records. In particular, Mrs. Blanche Cook Stockwell, Pittsfield, Mass., Mrs. John A. MacMorris, County Historian, Washington County, Hudson Falls, N.Y., and Miss Lesley E. Voorhees of Baldwinsville, N.Y. Since many of the descendants of Jonathan through generations lived in the Baldwinsville area, Miss Voorhees was able to find and to contribute to these pages a very substantial share of their contents. The compiler is greatly indebted to her for transcripts of legal documents, family records, cemetery records, census records, and news items of interest.

Miss Voorhees would call attention to the fact that the Town of Van Buren in Onondaga Co., N.Y., did not exist until March 26, 1829. On that date the Township of Camillus (No. 5 of the Military Tract) containing 100 lots of about 600 acres each, lost 36 lots to the newly formed town of Van Buren, and 37 lots to the newly formed town of Elbridge, leaving Camillus the rest - 27 lots. Van Buren got lots 1 to 43, except lots 30 to 36 which went to Elbridge.

	Throughout more than fifty years correspondence with various members 
of families descended from Jonathan, the compiler has met with a generous 
response when asking for the family records to be included in these 
pages.  It is hoped that no errors have crept into the records in the 
process of transcription, and that this compilation may challenge someone 
to produce a better history of this branch of the Maltby family.
                                              Fred A Molby
                                                 Baldwin, Kansas
                                                 June, 1959