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IX.4741. Hervey Axtell Molby, b. Jan. 23, 1907, at Blue Rapids, Kansas, (George Hervey 8, Clinton D. 7, John 6, Chester 5, Jonathan 4, Sam. 3, Sam. 2, Wm. 1). Mar. Ettarea Bailey, daughter of Mike Bailey. She was born February 5, 1909, Goodwater, Alabama. Hervey lived in southern Texas for a number of years and removed to Hobbs, New Mexico, about the year 1950. He has been the proprietor of automobile repair shops since his youth and his name is well known where he has lived.

	Child of Hervey Axtell and Ettarea Molby:
X. gen.  Lloyd Allen Molby, b. Jan. 26, 1933, at Weslaco, Texas.
X. gen.  Lloyd Allen Molby, b. Jan. 26, 1933, at Weslaco, Texas, mar.
	Children of Lloyd and Ardeth Molby:
XI. gen.  1. Ladina Sue Molby, b. May 14, 1964, at Genesee Memorial
			Hospital in Batavia, New York.
		2. Katrina Ann Molby, b. January 30, 1967, at Genesee Memorial
			Hospital in Batavia, New York.

		The writer of this biographical sketch was eight years old 
	when Clarissa, widow of John (6) Molby, came with most of her
	married sons and daughters to make their homes in and about Green-
	leaf, Kansas.  These were the Molby kin of the writer in his
	childhood.  Aunt Clarissa died soon after Lloyd's grandfather,
	George Hervey, and Fred A. Molby matriculated at Baker University.
	For most of four years at Baker George and Fred were roommates.
	So it happened that we knew each other's families very well.
	George Hervey Molby farmed his father's homestead and about 1920
	they sold out and he and his sister moved with their families to
	Weslaco, Texas, which was then a newly developed settlement.  They
	remained there during their lifetimes, to ripe old ages.

		My wife and I visited them there in 1948.  George, son Hervey
	and wife, and his grandson Lloyd and his wife have all visited me
	here at Baldwin, Kansas.  It was my esteemed privilege to go with
	Lloyd and his wife to meet several of Lloyd's Molby relatives and
	to show him his great-grandfather's homestead on which the Maple-
	wood Cemetery at Barnes, Kansas, has come to be a landmark.  The
	graves of a number of Lloyd's ancestral relatives are located
	there, among them his great-great-grandmother's, (Clarissa, widow
	of John (6) Molby), his great-grandparent's (Molby), and graves of
	his grandfather's uncles and aunts who were some of Clarissa's

		In his father's automobile shops Lloyd became an adept
	mechanic.  He also studied in trade schools.  At an early age he
	became associated with the Trojan Division of Yale & Towne, Inc.,
	Batavia, New York; tractor shovels are in his line.  As of 1964
	his business card indicates he is Manager of Advanced Engineering,
	and another card refers to him as Director of Development and
	Design.  As of February 1967 his address is 4990 Barrville Road,
	Elba, New York, near Batavia.

                                             / Fred A Molby /

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