Jonathan Maltby Data

Nathaniel Foote of the Branford church episode, p. 78, was descended from Nathaniel Foote (1593-1644). Rebecca Foote, wife of Samuel Maltby, Junior, is traced to the same Nathaniel (1593-1644) through another line.

Two untraced Maltby men may have been sons of Jonathan (1751)

(1) "Jonathan Maltbie and Mary Miles, June 9, 1796, license to marry,

(Henry Eelbeck, bondsman in amount 500 pounds ($2500)." Reference, North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register. Place, Edenton, Chowan County, N.C. (Note the surety required with issue of license to marry.)

Men of my father's generation with whom I talked told of one son who went south and became lost from the northern members of the family. (I believe that they were thinking of Jonathan of Camillus as the immigrant.) Their uncertainties left much latitude to Edenton, N.C. We may think it a long ways from Jonathan's locality to Edenton, N.C. But we know that many of the Maltbys were men of the sea and the sea was a direct line of travel between Albany, N.Y, and Chowan, N.C.

(2) Samuel Maltby. Professor W. W. Clayton states in his History of Onondaga County, N.Y., that "Jacob and Samuel Maltby are paid to have come into the county about 1796." (The book was published by D. Mason and Company, Syracuse, 1878.) Jacob would be fourteen years old in 1796, so Samuel must have been years older, if this item is trustworthy. Was this the Samuel named in the following Obituary? - a note supplied by Mrs. Verrill: - "Obituary." New York Evangelist, Feb. 6, 1868. "Maltby, at the residence of her brother, J. H. Rowe, in Hillsdale, Michigan, Jan. 15, 1868, Mrs. Laura, in her 75th year. Born in Connecticut in 1790, she went at the age of ten to central New York. At the age of seventeen, married Samuel Mallby. He died four years later." Note, there is a discrepancy between her stated age at death and the age obtained from birth and death dates.

It is known that there were people by the name of Rowe in Baldwinsville environs. I know of no way to affirm or to deny that these Maltbys were of our family.

Jonathan in the Pittsfield Records, Census of 1786 -

Genealogist Mrs. Balanche Cook Stockwell, of Pittsfield, Mass., who did much searching for data, wrote: - "The only other mention of Jonathan is in the Rockwell MS., quoted in the records of the First Church of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, in a list of inhabitants listed in a Census of 1786, p.378."Quote from page 369: "Jonathan Maltby from Goshen, Conn., June 13, 1781."

In a list of inhabitants in Census of 1786, Pittsfield, p. 378:

	"Jonathan Maltby, 2 married persons,   1 family.   1 male under 5
	  1 house         2 males and 1 female under 10
                     1 male and 1 female under 50"
               (All quotation marks are her marks.)

Besides abstracts of deeds to and by a number of Maltbys in the registration district, she supplied me with abstracts for several men of Culver name. The earliest Culver Deed from Edward Gray to Caleb Culver -

land on Stockbridge line or adjoining Stockbridge. Executed 6th April

1770. Other deeds dated up to as late as 1786, in which Caleb's sons, Dan and Eliakim Culver, were parties. Caleb Culver was "of Wallingford, Connecticut," which is a few miles from Branford, Northford or North Branford, the colonial home of the Maltbys.

The Maltby listed above in the Church records of 1786 was not the Maltby who went to Vershire, Vermont. (See statement of Town Clerk of Vershire, Vt., as given on p. 69 of this compilation.) Therefore he must have been Jonathan (1751). Hamilton Child stated on p. 486, in the Gazetteer of Orange County, Vermont, that Jonathan Maltby, b. 1746, came to Vershire from Hebron, Connecticut. (The Gazetteer was published by Syracuse Journal Company, 1888.) In fact, Mrs. Verrill