Maltby-Maltbie Data

Elizabeth Nash probably descended from Thomas Nash, who in 1651 had charge of all the town muskets in New Haven.

Under "Howd" I have the following: "Anthony Howd died in 1671 and his widow, Elizabeth, mar. (2) in 1677, John Nash. Possibly Elizabeth Nash, who mar. in 1702, Stephen Foote, was dau. of the above, and grand-dau. of John, of New Haven.

(Branford Rec. Vol. II). "In April, 1746, Samuel Maltbie, Jun. was made a Freeman of Branford."

(Vol. "1694." p. 147). "May 16, 1755. The infant daughter, Rebekah, died aged one year and two months."

Rebecca (Foote) Maltby died Feb. 9, 1755. By her Samuel had four children. He mar. (Branford Rec. "1694," p. 165) "May 1, 1755. Samuel Maltbie and Mary Fowler of Guilford, were married in Guilford, by Ichabod Camp, Clerk."

(Branford Deeds. Vol. IX, p. 102)

"1 Sept. 1768. Samuel Maltbie of Branford. To my daughter Abigail Tyler, wife of Bille Tyler, all my right, title and interest in a tract of land in Branford, it being the whole of what descended to my late wife Abigail, from her father, Richard Wilford, deceased."

Mrs. Cushman wrote: "In 1763 our ancestor this side of the water first made any movement toward breaking away from the Puritan form of worship, and establishing the Church of England. Samuel Maltbie in 1763, moved with others to build an Episcopal Church." This was Samuel, Jr., father of Jonathan, 1751.

This evidently was at Northford, and it is clear that many of the Maltby family who were living in Northford, constantly appear on records as "of Branford."

Note. A recent letter, Feb. 19, 1954, from Ruth G. Beers, Town Clerk of North Branford, clarifies Northford Maltbys as being recorded as "of Branford." Miss Beers writes: "Prior to 1831 North Branford which includes the village of Northford was a part of the town Branford, and the records are in the town of Branford up to that date."

(Records of the Episcopal Society. (St. Andrews) of Northford,

"Deed of land from James Howd. A.D. 1763.--King George III.

Jas. Dowd of Branford, Co. of New Haven, Colony of Conn., for consideration of five hundred pounds, lawful money, reced. of Ichabod Foot, Paul Tyler, Samuel Maltby, Jonah Todd and John Johnson, all of said Branford.

I do give, grant, etc., to the said Ichabod Foote, Paul Tyler, Samuel Maltby, Jonah Todd and John Johnson, Professors of the Episcopal Church of England and other professors of said Church, inhabitants of said Branford, etc." (Deed recorded with town records of Branford March 19, 1764--N.S. Barker, Town Clerk. febu 80, folio 280)"

Page 81 and p. 82 above have been copied from Mrs. Verrill's recent but unpublished MS. Numbers I, II, III, etc., signify generations in the American colonies. The MS. has nothing more about children of Samuel, Jr. and Anne Dyer. A huge volume, "New York in the Revolution as Colony and State," Bradshaw Printing Company, Albany, New York (1898), lists a Thomas Molby of New York, as a Revolutionary war soldier. The Will of Samuel (III) did not mention either Thomas or Anne among his heirs. I have a certified copy of the Will at hand. It was validated for probate Dec. 19 and Dec. 22, 1770, by sworn statements of two of the subscribing witnesses. (Mrs. Verrill gave Samuel Maltbie's death as of Dec. 1, 1771--apparently in error by one year--see New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Oct. 1957, at p. 295, person Number 15.) Here Mrs. Verrill ignores the marriage to Anne Dyer, apparently not quite sure that Anne married this Samuel, which uncertainty I share.