Maltby-Maltbie Data

William Maltby (I-1) called Esqr.

	Children of William Maltby, Esqr.

II-2  "Jaine," baptized Oct. 29, 1669, at Bawtry, Yorks, England.
II-3   John, born 1670
II-4   Mary, born May 1, 1672, New Haven, Conn.  died young
II-5   William, born Jan. 9, 1673, New Haven, Conn.
II-6   Elizabeth, born April 30, 1676, Branford, Conn.
II-7   Daniel, born May 19, 1679, Branford, Conn.
II-8   Samuel, born Aug. 7, 1693, Branford, Conn. (by 3rd wife)
II-9   Jonathan, born July 26, 1698, Branford, Conn. (by 3rd wife)

The tombstones of William Maltby at Branford, and that of his wife, Abigail, which is beside his, read: (Photographs of T.I.'s owned by the compiler, Mrs. D.M.V.)

		"Here Lieth The                   "Here Lieth The
		 Body of William                   Body of Mrs. Abigail
		 Maltbei Esqr Who                  Maltbie, Wife of
		 Died Sept_r_ Ye 1                 William Maltbie,
		 A.D. 1710                         Esqre, Died Oct.
		 Aged 65 years."                   ye 24- 1710
                                               Aged 51 Years."

Mrs. Verrill makes this statement: "Spellings of the name in early records include: Malbey, Malbie, Malby, Malbye, Mallbier, Mal??e, Maltbei, Maltbey, Maltbye, Maltby, Maltbie, Malbury, Maulby, Maultbey, Maw??by."

I, Fred Molby, wonder if Mabley and Mobley spellings, very widely extant in the south, are variations from Maltbie.

The Will of William Maltby, Esq., is quoted in Maltby-Maltbie Family History, with affidavit of the clerk of the court (14th Sept. 1894) on copy made for compiler of Maltby Family History. It mentions son John: (son William died or was lost in West Indies about ten years earlier). So the Will mentioned, "William Maltby, son and heir of my son, William; my loving son Daniel Maltby; loving son Samuel; loving son, Jonathan Maltby; my daughter, Jane Parker, things which were her mother's, etc.; daughter, Elizabeth Hoadley." "Lastly my will is and I do hereby nominate and appoint my dear and loving wife, Abigail Maltby, my son Samuel Maltby to be joint Executors of this my last will and testament and I give unto my said dear wife the improvement of one third part of my real estate during her natural life, desiring her to take care to see my just debts duely paid and I also desire my loving brother, Mr. Samuel Bishop, to be overseer and give assistance in the execution of this my last will and testament. . . . .

"I hereunto set my hand and seal in Branford this twenty ninth day of August, Anno Domini 1710, in the ninth year of her majesty' reign."

Duly signed by four witnesses, etc. (Certified copy of William Maltby's will can be seen on pp. 257, 258, 259, Maltby-Maltbie Family, published 1916.)

The inventory of the estate, at length, follows the will in Maltby-Maltbie Family History. Records are given which show that William Maltby Esqr was one of the most substantial men of Branford. Observe that his will was signed only two days before his death. Note also that his fourth son, Samuel, was only 17 years of age when his father named him to be co-executor of his will. Only two months later, on 2nd day of November, 1710, the multi-paged appraisal of the estate of William Maltby, Esq_r_ was completed and sworn.

                                   Inventory total 1058-7-10 (pounds,
                                                       shillings, & pence)
Samuell Maltby Ext.
sworn according to law.
                                        Nathanll Harrison)   appraisers
                                        Thomas Shepard   )

This was a large estate for the times, and a very young executor. In the content of the will and in some of the litigation, it appears that William had reason to appoint as executor the oldest son of his surviving wife.