Maltby-Maltbie Data

On the previous page it will be seen that William Maltbie Esquire had five sons. He had a brother John Maltbie who came to America either before William I, (Wm. Esq.), or at the same time, 1668-1670. Before me is a copy from the original of Reverend Jonathan (4) Maltbie's "Correct History" manuscript, as copied from the original in her possession, by the late Dorothy Maltby Verrill. The first paragraph of the MS. reads, "John and William Maltby came from London to Branford, to New Haven. When they came I am not informed." --- "John was living in New Haven, 1670; died before 1677, left a widow, Mary, two children, John and Mary." Rev. Jonathan put quotation marks on the first quote; I put them on the last quote. I note, he was quoting some authority as to the coming of two brother. In the records of South Carolina one reads that a Robert Maltby applied for land and for lots at Charleston, S.C., 1680. Robert was either a brother or a cousin of the two at New Haven. I think another brother of William Esq. came or was left behind in England. If Rev. Jonathan, a graduate of Yale College, who lived all his life at Branford and New Haven, (except for short terms), did not know when his great-grandfather came to America, need we wonder that my father and his contemporaries in the seventh generation were confused about the origin of their great-grandfather in the fourth generation in America?

It may be seen that William, the "emigrant," had five sons. The tradition held by my father that there were four sons, could have come down by incomplete knowledge of four immigrant brothers or one immigrant with four sons, born in America. Mr father held that they were Scotchmen descended from a Lord and Lady. Now Lord and Lady may have been a nearly but not an exact designation, for there is a Maltby coat of arms from an early time, and a recent list of Landed Gentry includes a Maltby. "One was lost at sea." John, the brother of William, was lost at sea, a historical fact. "One went to the south and was not heard from." This would have been Robert at Charleston. "One stayed in York State," whom we may presume was William of New Haven, Conn., for they did not know precisely.

It is not within the scope of this compilation to include lengthy excerpts from the Maltby histories. The table of the preceding page must give an idea of their contents. The compiler has on several occasions (at the University of Kansas, Lawrence), consulted the YALE BIOGRAPHIES and Annals, by Dexter. Among these Alumni of Yale are Samuel (2) Maltby or Maltbie, Reverend Jonathan (4) Maltbie and several others whose Yale biographies are largely based upon the Maltby Morehouse and the Maltby-Maltbie histories. The latter history, as seen on the previous page, exhibits an astonishing number of documents from authentic records, including the Will of William Maltby and its probation, and the Will of Daniel (2) and that of Samuel (2), with final inventories. A brief account taken from the unpublished MS. of the late Mrs. Dorothy Maltby Verrill will give the immediate background for Jonathan 4 (1751) Maltby.

I-1. William Maltby, Esqre, Judge, Gentleman, was born March 16, 1644/5 at East Retford, Nottinghamshire, England, second son of John Maltby, Alderman of East Retford, and his wife, Mary Williamson. "He was in New Haven, 1672, for in that year his daughter, Mary, was born, (in New Haven). Probably named for his mother. "His oldest daughter, Jane, was born in 1669 at Bawtry, Yorkshire, England."