Jonathan Maltby Data

On page 4, I have indicated land transactions to show that Jonathan Maltby of Camillus was formerly of Salem, Washington Co., N.Y. Miss Voorhees has related elsewhere in this record that Jacob possessed whatever family records his father, Jonathan, had, including a coat-of-arms that was said to have on it three cows or heads of three cows, which Mrs. Dorothy Maltby Verrill has been able to account for as being in line with Armorial Bearings of the Maltby family in England. Miss Voorhees has related how these relics were lost in a fire which consumed the home of Jacob's widow who had remarried and was living with her husband, John Bowman, when the fire destroyed their home and its contents (1868). My father said that he knew of these relics in the possession of his great uncle Jacob, and he might have seen them if he had thought to do so when he was a growing boy.

Mrs. Verrill investigated and found that the records at Salem, Mass., did not include the name of a Jonathan Maltbie at any time in its history; she has pointed out that the names of several families, given names included, from the Branford area of Connecticut, were contemporaneously with Jonathan's name in records of Lenox and Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

The records of Jonathan Maltby at Pittsfield and Lenox are somewhat confused with the records of his second cousin, Jonathan_4_ (Joseph_3_, Daniel_2_, William _1_), b. July 10, 1746, at Branford, m. Lydia Bartholomew (Bartholomew Genealogy). Goshen Statistics and Family Hist., by Lewis M. Norton, Vol. I, p. 548-9.

		"Jonathan Maltbie...once lived...about three or four miles west from
		Goshen Meeting house.  He married Lydia Bartholomew prior to Feb.
		13, 1773.  They were both in Lenox, Mass., Jan. 6, 1783..."

I own certified copies of land purchases and sales of the same by Jonathan Maltby. The earliest one was deeded to a Jonathan from Goshen, who was probably Jonathan, 1746. The later purchase and sale seems to be ruled out for Jonathan, 1746. He and his brother, William, lived for a time in the Lee and Pittsfield area, but their residence there was terminated as per the following letter. "Town of Vershire, Vershire, Vermont, March 10, 1954. Our earliest town records assure us that William and Jonathan Maltby were among the earliest proprietors. On August 28th 1783 at the first Proprietors meeting the freemen elected Jonathan Maltby Clerk, which office he held until 1790. So this will assure you that he was a resident here 1786-87. I found that William Maltby was elected town clerk on Nov. 7, 1795 and held the office until April 1, 1803. /s/ Mrs. Pauline C. Sleeper, Town Clerk."

Records show that William Maltby of Lenox, Berkshire Co., Mass., purchased from William Goodrich, Esq., of Stockbridge, Berkshire Co., three whole shares of rights to land in the town of Vershire, Orange Co., Vermont, on the date March 29, 1782. This is said to be the first sale of real estate in Vershire. This transaction took place eight days after Jonathan Maltbie sold back to Jonathan Hinsdale the same land which he had purchased from Jonathan Hinsdale June 13, 1781. Jonathan Maltbie Sells Land

Jonathan Maltbie to Jonathan Hinsdale 30 Acres...Consideration 220 pounds. Executed March 21, 1782. (From a certified photostatic copy of Book 37, page 473, in the Middle District Registry, Pittsfield, Mass.)