Isaac Maltby Data

The presence of two census enumerations, with only five pages intervening, with apparently different families, raises questions for which we do not know the answers. The enumerations were unquestionably made by different deputies. Please note in the preceding page that Samuel Hugh Maltby stated that Isaac settled near Port Huron.

1850 U.S.Census shows no Molby in Port Huron Village, in Port Huron Township, and none in Saginaw County.

1850 U.S. Census.  Town of Clyde, St. Clair Co., Mich.
	Truman Mulbury  25    farmer   $300   b. New York
	Isaac           49    farmer              "    "
	Ester           52 F.                     "    "
	William H.      12 M.                    Michigan
                                        Sept. 11, 1850

1860 U.S. Census schedules for St. Clair County reveal no resident by the name of Molby.