Isaac Maltby Data

Isaac Maltby, son of Jonathan & wife ---
	b. probably about 1801
Ester ----
	1. Truman Maltby, b. about 1825
		His children:
		1. Son --- (Please see 1840 and 1850 census records which follow.)
		2. Son ---

Horace Haynes Maltby (nephew of Isaac Maltby), in a letter dated July 23, 1916, Davisburg, Mich., stated "Truman M(altby) had two sons, and he was the son of Isaac Maltby, whose father was Jonathan Maltby. Truman Maltby died about four years ago." (i.e. about 1912)

Samuel Hugh Maltby (nephew of Isaac Maltby), in a letter dated Aug. 28, 1916, Munger, Mich., stated the "Isaac Maltby, the son of Jonathan Maltby, settled near Port Huron. One of his sons was in the lumber business for a number of years in Bay City. He has moved away...I have been told they were in Chicago." Thaddeus Maltby of Baldwinsville, N.Y., grandson of Jacob, believed that William and Isaac went west together, 1836.

Several descendants of Chester Molby have told me in conversation that Isaac Maltby had a son, Truman, and that Truman had descendants. None of these living in the 20th century have been identified for a certainty, but it is believed that some have been located.

Isaac Maltby was a joint signer of a deed in the Town of Van Buren, N.Y. (See page 3.)

1840 U.S. Census.  Town of Port Huron, St. Clair Co., Mich.
	Isaac Molby
		1 male under 5                    1 female  5-10
		2 males 5-10                      2 females 10-15
		2 males 15-20                     2 females 15-20
		1 male  40-50  Total 6 males      1 female  40-50  Total 6 females
	A study of the splendid handwriting on the census schedule indicates
	MOLBY to a certainty.

1840 U.S. Census.  Seventh page on the same reel as the above which was on
                   page one.
	Isaac Molby or Malby
		1 male under 5                    1 female under 5
		1 male  5-10                      1 female 10-15
		1 male 10-15                      1 female 15-20  Total 3 females
		2 males 30-40
		1 male  40-50  Total 6 males