William Maltby Data

1870 Census.  Independence Twp., Oakland Co., Mich.  P.O. Clarkston
	Malby, Isaac   32 M.  white  farmer   Real estate $4000  b. in Michigan
                                         Personal    $ 600
                     One child attended school within the year
	Malby, Rosa    25 F.  white   housekeeper                         "
	John           18 M.  white   farm laborer                        "

In a statement dated June 13, 1879, by Mrs. Lucina (Clark) Molby, she says, "William Molby came from Salem Mass when three years old into our neighborhood and we were married Jan 29th 1823. We moved to Michigan in 1836 with five children who are members of the Methodist Church. One son has since been added to the family. My husband died in Clarkston May 20th 1875. /s/ Mrs. Lucina Molby"

(Lucina's "our neighborhood" must refer to Camillus, N.Y., and vicinity.)

William & Lucina (Clark) Maltby's grandchildren:

Hiram Maltby & Harriet Adams had 4 children:
	1. Charles Maltby (living in Chicago)
	2. Edwin Maltby (Dearborn, Mich.)
	3. Ellen Maltby, m. --- Clark (living in Ortonville, Mich.)
	4. Jenny Maltby, m. --- Simpson (living in Ortonville, Mich.)

The Adams History, by Henry N. Adams, (1632-1897) gives the following data: "Harriet E. (8) Adams, Norman 7, Moses, Jr. 6, Corp. Moses 5, Joseph 4, Henry 3, Ens. Edward 2, Henry 1. Residence Avon, Livingston Co., N.Y."

The entry in p. 878 for this person was amended in a supplement found on p. 1237, which says that p. 738, line 12 should read "Harriet E. (8), (1826), she married Nov. 25, 1849, and is living in 1897. Her birthdate appears as Oct. 23, 1826. Her children were:

	1. Ellen L. Molby, b. Oct. 25, 1851; m. Sept. 10, 1879, Wilder Clark,
		residence Ortonville, Paulding Co., Michigan.
	2. Edwin H. Molby, b. Jan. 17, 1854; m. 1878, Bertha Netting of Detroit,
	3. Jennie E. Molby, b. Jan. 14, 1855; m. 1880, Albert Simpson, res.
		Austin, Michigan.
	4. Charles B. Molby, b. Apr. 20, 1861; m. 1st, Elizabeth Osmand of
		Groveland, Mich; m. 2nd, June 29, 1892, Etta Clay, who died in
		Chicago; he m. 3rd, Mamie VanAlstyne, res. Detroit, Michigan.

Julia Maltby & Alexander Place had 6 children:
	1. George Place, b. ca. 1849; d. 1859
	2. Lucy Place, b. July 10, 1853
	3. Sara Place, b. Feb. 18, 1858       (Dates supplies by Mrs. Dorothy
	4. Emila Place, b. Nov. 29, 1859       Maltby Verrill, genealogist.)
	5. Frank Place, b. July 13, 1862
	6. Ada Place, b. and d. 1863-4
In 1927 my wife and I saw Alma Kendrick, daughter of Polly Molby Tappan, then living in Lapeer Co., Mich. We saw also Mrs. Wilder Clark and Mrs. Albert Simpson, granddaughters of Wm. & Lucina Maltby, the living in Ortonville, Michigan. They directed us to other descendants of Wm. & Lucina, with whom I have had extended correspondence. These included Samuel Hugh Maltby, Horace Haynes Maltby, Horace Lyman Maltby and his wife, Hattie Fox Maltby, and their son, Floyd Lee Maltby.