Daniel Molby Data

Daniel B. Molby, son of Chester and Sally Wigent Molby, b. June 10, 1834,
	in the Town of Van Buren, Onondaga County, N.Y.; d. May 3, 1905, Glen-
	dale, Van Buren County, Mich.; m. Nov. 16, 1859.
Sally Rouse, dau. of Colin and Almira (Wiles) Rouse, b. Jan. 31, 1840; d.
	Oct. 8, 1891, Glendale, Mich.  The 1865 Van Buren Census had Children
	(2), in the column for children, after the name of Sally Rouse, in the
	home of Simon Rouse, the head of the family.  This is the only record
	that I know of them,  and I think I was told that Daniel's children did
	not reach maturity.  No children are given for Sally in the U.S. Census
	of 1880, Van Buren Co., Mich., Town of Waverly.

Horace Haynes Maltby of Davisburg, son of William Maltby, 1800, grandson of Jonathan of Camillus (cousin to Daniel) wrote me that Daniel and he were of the same age and weight, and were well acquainted, having done carpenter work together at Davisburg. It appears that Daniel spent some time in the region of Dryden, Mich., where two of his sisters and their families lived a number of years.

Daniel, being only three when his father died, 1837, was made a ward of his older brother, Benjamin. See Guardian Records, Surrogate Office Letters CC. 73. "Daniel Molby becomes of age, June 10, 1855." Sally, his mother, married and moved with her new husband to Reading, Hillsdale Co., Mich. Samuel, the oldest son, is on record in the county as having bought a 1/4 section of land and selling 1/4 of it to Susannah, and 3/4 of it to Slausson, Sally's new husband, late in the year 1844. Benjamin "Of Reading, Mich." is on record as buying land there in 1846. Sally's death from cancer of the mouth July 3, 1846 (my information is unofficial on cause of death), may indicate a sacrifice on her part to have the growing children separated from her.

Daniel must have followed or accompanied older brother Ben to Van Buren County, for their last farms were in the same Township and their last resting places in the same cemetery. In the year 1910 while on magnetic observer's work in the U.S.C.&G. Survey, I occupied a number of stations in Michigan.

On a week end at Paw Paw, I went out a few miles to the farm home of Benjamin's son, Charley Molby, a first cousin of my father. In response to my report, my father wrote as follows: "We were glad that you could see cousin Charley and see that part of the country. I worked there nearly two years for 22-24 dollars per month (1867-1869). It was mostly woods at that time and there was a saw mill within a half mile of Uncle Dan's place. About one mile west there was a large swamp miles N. & S. and some miles East and West. I killed two or three Deer there. Suppose its all cleared now, Swamp and all.--- we are glad your are so near to civilization in your work.---" With a United States Mail Carrier in Montana, just four years earlier I had forded 41 times across the Tongue River in a driving distance of 40 miles and worked near to the Mouth of 'Hanging Woman Creek', believe it or not."

Miss Voorhees sent this data : "Mrs. Linda Harrington who lives on the West Dead Creek Road, in the Town of Van Buren, Onondaga Co., N.Y., gave the following information. "William Rouse who married Rebecca Spore, had a brother Simon Rouse who married Phebe Grover and they had two children: Celinda Rouse and Colin Rouse. Colin married and they had two children, one of whom was Sally Rouse. It is quite probable that she was the Sally Rouse who married Daniel B. Molby. Colin Rouse later went to the west."

Mrs. John T. Sherwood of Howell, Michigan, whom I saw hunting data in Michigan State Historical Library at Lansing, kindly sent me later some vital statistics and some census data, which is a part of page 61.

Historical Library at Lansing