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1855 Van Buren Census
       Second Election District                Birthplace   Here in twp.
   185.  Jacob Maltby,   72 M. -----  Farmer   Connecticut     52 yrs.
         Sally    "      63 F. wife            Albany          42  "
         Henry    "      33 M. child     "     Onondaga        33  "
         John     "      31 M.   "       "         "           31  "
         William Smith,  28 M.   "       "     Saratoga        19  "
         Lucy      "     27 F.   "             Onondaga        27  "
                                      July 15, 1855
       Jacob Maltby died Nov. 2, 1856, and his widow married John Bowman.

1865 Van Buren Census                                  child-
       Second Election District             Birthplace  ren   Married
   162.  John Bowman,  76 M. -----  Farmer  New Jersey   12    Twice
         Sarah   "     74 F. wife           Albany        5      "
         John Maltby,  40 M. laborer        Onondaga           Single
         Ellin Shaw,   17 F. servant            "                 "
                                       June 21, 1865
         Sarah Maltby Bowman had 6 children but her daughter, Lucy Maltby
         Smith, died in 1864, and she reported only her living children.
         The John Maltby reported here as a laborer, was her son.

John Bowman died Oct. 13, 1869, in the town of Van Buren. After his death Sally lived for a few years with her son Henry in a little house on the property of Harrison Rouse. Mr. Harvey Walker has an "Article of Agreement" made the sixth day of March, 1871, between Harrison Rouse and Henry Molby in which Henry agrees to rent a house formerly owned by William Clifton, for sixty five dollars for one year from the first day of April next, with the garden and the hog pasture north of the house. He is also to have all the red cherries he wants in the family. Harrison Rouse agrees to paper the parlor and kitchen. Later Sally went to live with her son, John Maltby, and remained there until her death.

   Baldwinsville Gazette - issue of June 23, 1887.
            Obituary.  Sally Bowman.

Another ancient landmark has fallen. Mrs. Sally Bowman was born in Rensselaer County in 1791. Early in life she came to this county and for nearly 76 years has lived upon the same farm in Van Buren. She died last Friday morning. She had been a member of the Baptist church for about sixty years. She was not only the oldest member of the Baptist church in this village, but at her death was the oldest person in Van Buren.

Onondaga Gazette - issue of Oct. 28, 1868. Published Wednesday after noon.

On Wednesday night the dwelling house of Mr. John Bowman, situate in the town of Van Buren, about two miles south of this village, was entire ly destroyed by fire.

                 (So the fire occurred Wednesday night, Oct. 21, 1868.)

A member of the family said that Lucy Maltby Smith had three children, all of whom died in infancy. Only the name of the one reported on page 7 is known. It is also said that Lucy died in childbirth.