Miscellaneous Notes


Hillsdale County. Records of Deeds. James Molony (untraced) was a party to several early land sales. Oliver Ellsworth Maltby, (son of Reverend Jonathan_4_ Maltby of New Haven and Branford) having New York offices, dated one sale as of October 26, 1837. He seems to have sold much land and it is said that he became wealthy.

Oakland County. Besides William Maltby and sons from Baldwinsville, N.Y. environs, Honorable Augustus C. Baldwin, b. Salina, N.Y. (near Baldwinsville) Dec. 24, 1817, went to Oakland County, Independence Twp. (1837). He was elected to congress in 1862; was a fine jurist. Butler Holcomb came from Herkimer Co., N.Y. to the same Twp. in 1837.

The U.S. Census 1830 for the territory of Michigan reveals no Maltby of any spelling in the territory.

The University of Michigan Alumni Record (1837-1921) has four Maltby Alumni; none by the name Molby.

New York:

Onondaga County. New York Gen. and Biog. Record, Vol. 53, 1922, reveals no Maltby of any spelling in this county at the U.S. Census of the year 1800.

On searching the earlier census schedules for Molby ancestry one comes upon the names Barlow, Culver, Hatch, Holcomb, and many other family names familiar to descendants of Jonathan Maltbie or Molby. This indicates, since groups of them occur first in one and then in another state census later on, that probably they moved in groups when going to new lands.

Reverend W. M. Beauchamp, S.T.D., pastor of a Baldwinsville, N.Y. church for forty years, did good service in writing local history. One of his works is "Revolutionary Soldiers of Onondaga County, New York." This is a book of 303 pages. He gives many notes and has description of cemeteries. One Benjamin Culver's Tombstone Inscription is given. I quote it because Mrs. Verrill believes there was a relation between the wife of Jonathan, 1751, and this Culver (and she believed this Jonathan to be our Jonathan). From page 14: "/In/Memory of /Benj. Culver / who died / Aug. 8, 1827 / aged 82 Yrs. / and also for his wife / Tamar his wife / who died / Mar. 26, 1830 / aged 82 Yrs./" (The compiler finds Benjamin's birth year to be wrong for any Benjamin Culver found in the F. L. Culver genealogy.)

Dr. Beauchamp gave the name of John Wigent. "This Pioneer's wife, Mary became his administrator, May 30, 1823. He came to Camillus, now Van Buren, in 1796, and the name is in the 4th.Ulster Regiment, and in the same county in 1790."

Robert Wilson. Dr. Beauchamp gave this historic account for Robert Wilson. "This veteran was but thirteen when he went to Fort Stanwix with his uncle, Captain Gregg. At the age of eighteen he was an ensign, and soon after a Lieutenant. As such he superintended the reception of forty eight British Standards at Yorktown, receiving and passing them to the sargeants as he passed between the ranks. --- Thaddeus M. Wood was administrator" (for his estate) "September 18, 1811." Thus this soldier was under forty years of age at death. This was the conclusion of the battle of Yorktown, the surrender of Lord Cornwallis' army to the army of General George Washington. A historic event at a historic place on the York River across a ridge a few miles from the James River and historic Johnstown and Williamsburg, Virginia. (Both of these rivers are long navigable estuaries.)

The compiler received a courteous reply to a letter of inquiry addressed to Dr. Beauchamp, concerning Jonathan Molby. He knew something of Jonathan but seemed not to know of his military service.