Rouse Line Data

Mrs. King, Baldwinsville, N.Y., gave the following:

Margaret White did not keep house for the Rouse brothers and was not an orphan. She lived with her father, Michael White, at Belle Isle but had a sister Molly who married William Hanley and lived just north of the Rouse home, so coming to visit her sister Molly was how she became acquainted with Uncle Lewis (Rouse), but only he and Uncle George were in the home at that time, as William had been married several years to Margaret Hanley, sister of this William Hanley who married Molly White. The housekeeper for the two boys was an old lady by the name of Mrs. Padgett. I can remember her very well. She was stricken with a shock and died while living there; then Lewis married this Margaret White and took her there to live and George moved over on the Sorrel Hill part of the farm.

After George moved to the other part of the farm he got a housekeeper, the widow of a Civil War veteran. After a time they wanted to be married but that would mean giving up her pension, so they decided against it. The family were somewhat disturbed about this and went over, more or less in a body, to remonstrate with him. Sharp words were passed back and forth and George, in anger, packed up and departed for parts unknown with his housekeeper and goods and chattels. For a long time it was not known where George was but, finally, someone ran across him living near Westmoreland, Oneida Co., N.Y., and family relations were re-established in a degree. He died in a Rome, N.Y., hospital and was buried near Westmoreland.


The Syracuse Post-Standard says that Lewis M. Rouse of Baldwinsville and Miss Margaret L. White of Amboy, were married in Syracuse, January 11,1899.


Margaret A. Hanley, wife of Wm H. Rouse, died at her home on Pagoda Hill Monday, Feb. 17, 1902, aged 42 years. Funeral was held at St. Mary's church this (Thursday) morning at 10 o'clock, burial being made in St. Mary's cemetery. Deceased was a daughter of Thomas Hanley of Van Buren.

Tombstone inscriptions on the old William Rouse farm in Van Buren
	William Rouse, born Feb. 25, 1796 - died Feb. 21, 1874
	Barbary, dau. of Harrison & Harriet Rouse, died April 6, 1853, aged
	Rebecca, wife of William Rouse, born April 30, 1806 - died Oct. 29, 1896
		Rebecca, long known as "Aunt Becky Rouse", was a dau. of Henry &
		Cornelia Colier Spore.  She was born in Montgomery Co., N.Y., and
		died on the homestead farm in Van Buren.  The intention was to add
		her name to her husband's monument but this was not done, so no
		stone marks her grave.
	Harrison Rouse died Nov. 23, 1890, aged 68 years & 13 days
	Harriet Maltby, wife of Harrison Rouse, died Apr. 17, 1887, aged 63

Tombstone inscriptions, St. Mary's Cemetery, Baldwinsville, N.Y.
	William H. Rouse, Jan. 15, 1862 - May 9, 1931  (William L. not H.)?
	Margaret Hanley, wife of W. H. Rouse, Jan. 13, 1860 - Feb. 17, 1902
		(She was a dau. of Thomas & Margaret Quinlan Hanley.)