Hart Family Molby Data

"Among the early settlers of Van Buren was a Moses Howe. He had a large family of children and many daughters. Among these was Polly (Mary) Howe who married Pardon Hart and was the mother of our Truman Hart. Another daughter, Sally Howe, married Abraham Wiles and had two children, Moses and Myra Wiles. In the citation papers I find the Almira Wiles was the wife of Collin Rouse (Van Buren census 1850 and 1855, p. 61). Still a third daughter, Persis Howe, married Reverend Browning Nichols; their daughter, Hannah Nichols, married James Sears and was Louis J. Sears' mother. Moses Howe was married three times. All except one of his children were by the first wife, Anna Mills. So the above were all children of Moses and Anna (Mills) Howe. I an sorry not to get the age of Myra, but she is given only as a child of 'my deceased daughter, Sally,' and my notes say that she married Abraham Wiles." (Information from Miss Voorhees)

After Moses Howe and Anna Mills were married, they lived in Brattleboro, Vt., for a few years, then moved to Otsego Co., N.Y., where they lived about 20 years. His wife died here about 1802-03 in Westford, Otsego County. About 1810 he moved to Camillus, the part that is now Van Buren, Onondaga Co., N.Y., where the remainder of his life was spent. His daughter, Polly, was his fifth child and was born in 1796, so it seems safe to say she was born in Otsego County, perhaps in Westford.

Mr. Louis J. Sears, now deceased said that Truman Hart was a cousin of his mother's and that he moved to Hillsdale, Michigan. He sold some of the first washing machines made. They were made of wood and a few articles to be washed were laid lengthwise in a sheet; the sheet folded over them and the whole rolled back and forth on a corrugated surface of the machine.

Mr. Sears' mother was Nancy Nichols, daughter of the Rev. Browning Nichols and Persis Howe. Persis Howe was a sister of Mary (Polly) Howe, wife of Pardon Hart.

One William Hart was a grantee to land in Hillsdale Co., Michigan, 1836.

1880 U.S. Census, Town of Reading, Hillsdale Co., Mich.
	Truman Hart     W. 61 M.  Farmer   New York   father b. R.I. mother,N.Y.
	Susannah(Molby) W. 59 F.  Wife        "           "     N.Y.    "   N.Y.
	Chester         W. 19 M.  Son      Michigan       "     N.Y.    "   N.Y.

* Information compiled by Miss L. E. Voorhees