Benjamin Molby Data

Benjamin Molby, son of Chester Molby & Sally Wigent
	b. July 27, 1819, in Onondaga Co., N.Y.
	d. June 1, 1880, in Glendale, Michigan; m. Nov. 10, 1841
Betsey E. Standley, b. 1820 in Onondaga Co., N.Y.; d. Feb. 19, 1906 in
	Glendale, Michigan.
Child: - born in Onondaga Co., N.Y.; data for child's wife on p. 61.
	Charles B. Molby, b. 1855; d. 1937, in Glendale, Michigan.
	Benjamin was a farmer, born on his father's farm, that came to be known as the Harrison Rouse farm.  He became interested while young in the new lands in the state of Michigan.  Land records indicate that he remained in Onondaga County until a short time after his oldest brother, Samuel, moved to Hillsdale, Michigan.  Benjamin Molby, his wife and son, are all buried in Glendale cemetery, Waverly Twp., Van Buren Co., Mich.  He had been a resident of Van Buren county 14 years.

1850 Van Buren Census : -(all three in State of New York)
	186. Benjamin Molby,   29 M.   Farmer   $800   New York
        Elizabeth E."     28 F.                      "
        Jane Weaver,      24 F.                      "
                                        Sept. 17, 1850

1855 Van Buren Census. (Second Election District)  Co. Birth  Here in twp.
	248. Benjamin Maltby,  36 M. ----    Farmer     Onondaga     36 yrs.
        Betsey      "     35 F. wife               Washington   34  "
        Daniel G.   "     21 M. brother Carpenter  Onondaga     21  "
                                        June 18, 1855

1865 Van Buren Census. (Second Election District.)
	 13. Benjamin Molby,   46 M. ----   Farmer   Onondaga       Once
        Betsey E.  "      45 F. wife               "       1    "
        Charles B. "       8 M. child              "
        Rachel Vedder,    85 F. boarder         Albany          " now wid.
                                        June 7, 1865

Cemetery records say that Benjamin Molby died June 1, 1880, and is buried in Glendale cemetery, Waverly Twp., Van Buren Co., Mich.

The Mortality census said he had been a resident of Van Buren County 14 years. It also said that he was born in New York and that his father (Chester) was born in Vermont.

Records at Hillsdale show that Benjamin Molby had land at Reading as early as 1844-45. Note that son Charles was born in New York, 1855.

Baldwinsville Gazette - issue of July 1, 1880.

In Glendale, Mich., June 1, 1880, Mr. Benjamin Molby, of Brights disease and erysipelas in the 61st year.

Newspaper clipping (probably from the Gazette)

At her home in Glendale, Mich., Feb. 19, 1906, Betsey Stanley, widow of Benjamin Molby, aged 86 yeas. Deceased was an old time resident of Baldwinsville.

At Baldwinsville I learned a jingle which ran, "Big Sam, Long John, Little Dan, and Lying Ben." I never heard that Benjamin lied. Sam was big, John was long, and Dan was a growing boy.