Jonathan Maltby Data




Early History of the Town of Van Buren, Onondaga Co., N.Y., by Louis Dow Scisco, published 1895.

Page 17. Jonathan Molby purchased part of Lot 12 in 1804. He came from Connecticut, but is said to have lived in the Mohawk region before coming to Van Buren.

Miss Voorhees personally copied the deed and the entire record of the transaction which she has reported on the first half of p. 3 and permitted me to copy it for my use. I platted the measurements of the survey of the farm purchased from George Guthrie. Lot No. 3 appears to be very close to West Hebron, between West Hebron and Salem. A short while after Miss Voorhees had copied the Guthrie-Molby re cords, Mrs. Mary M. MacMorris, then Argyle Town Historian, now (1957) County Historian of Washington Co., of the County Clerk's Office, Hudson Falls, N.Y., copied for Fred A Molby a mortgage recorded in Book E, p. 52, Feb. 5, 1803. Mortgage executed by Farand Davise of Little White Creek, District of Cambridge, County of Washington, State of New York to Jonathan Mollby of the Town of Hebron, County of Washington, State of New York, Yeoman of the other part and his heirs and assigns for ever. Nov. 27, 1801. Description of mortgaged land known by Lot No. 3. Then fol lows the detailed description of a plat containing 73 acres and 5 square rods of land, mortgaged. I platted this description and found that it covered all the southern and eastern part of the farm, leaving about 30 acres lying nearest to West Hebron, outside this mortgage.

This land bounds south on Salem line, east on Mr. Robert Craten, a part north on Mr. Robert Craten, a part north on Mr. Robert Qua and on west by Mr. James Willson.

Dated 28 January 1803 before David Hopkins one of the Judges, Court of Common Pleas. Registered the fifth day of February, 1803. Perrit Wen dell, Clerk. Amount of mortgage $300 lawful money, state of New York. The blank at the end of this mortgage where satisfaction of mortgage should have been recorded was never filled in.


Note that on p. 2, Jonathan bought land in Camillus from Richard Rosa & wife Nancy of Schenectady, N.Y. Mrs. MacMorris copied for Fred A Molby the following brief of a mortgage. "Registry of mortgage executed by Farrand Davis and Esther his wife, to Richard Rosa, Aug. 23, 1805- Lot 3 of DeForest Patent-$200 lawful money with interest on or before 23 of August 1805 - Obligatory executed by Farand Davis to said Richard Rosa as a collateral security - Reg. Oct. 17, 1804. Mortgage discharged - Cer tificate of satisfaction made by Daniel McNitt a signer of Richard Rosa the mortgagee June 3, 1805." She reported other mortgages contracted by Farrand Davis on Lot 3 of the DeForest Patent, which seemed to indicate that he may not have had money to discharge his mortgage to Jonathan and that Jonathan traded with Rosa, using the mortgage on Lot 3 of DeForest Patent in the trade.

Several of Jonathan's grandchildren thought that he came from Salem, Mass. One said that he came from Salem, N.Y., to Camillus. His son, William, said he was born July 4, 1800, in New York State. Mrs. MacMor ris copied at New York State Library, Albany, from the Williams Papers, Vol. 3, page 28:

    "Salem   August 2, 1790      Mr. John Williams
	Sir: Please to let the bearer thereof Mr. Jonathan Maltby have one
		Sickle and charge the same to me and you will oblige your
		humble Sarvnt        /s/ Thomas Collins"