John Molby Data

Baldwinsville Gazette - issue of Apr. 26, 1906
	At his home in Barnes, Kansas, Wednesday April 18,** 1906, Clinton D. Molby, aged 62 years.  Funeral was held at his home Friday, burial being made in Maplewood cemetery on his farm.  Deceased was born in the town of Van Buren, this state, but has resided in Kansas for many years.  He is survived by a wife and one daughter, Mrs. Frank Ballard, whose husband died March 21, also by two brothers and one sister, Irvin Molby of Creston, Ia., Frank Molby of Greenleaf, Kansas, and Mrs. Barlow, also of Kansas.

	** This is an error.  Original sources give his death as March 28, 1906.  The above should have included - survived by one son, George Hervey Molby, who is living in Weslaco, Texas, at the age of 76 years, in 1953.
                                       Fred A Molby, Baldwin, Kansas

1875 Van Buren Census
        First Election District
	173. Frank Maltbey,   22 M. ----   Farmer         Onondaga
        Ida      "       20 F. wife                     "
        Clarissa "        1 F. dau.                     "
        Edwin (Irvin)    17 M. brother Farm laborer     "
        Clarissa Maltbey 55 F. mother                       Widow
                                        June 14 & 15, 1875

1880 Van Buren Census
        First Election District
	---  Clarissa Molby,  white  female  61
        Irvin J.   "       "    male    22
        Rose       "       "    female  23
        Alba B.    "       "    male     4

	---  Frank Molby      white  male    25
        Ida     "          "    female  24
        Clara   "          "      "      6
        Ruel    "          "    male     3

	Wallace and Rose Crandal Molby lived on a homestead about a mile and half from my father's homestead.  You will note that Wallace Molby died quite early.  His widow, Rose, returned to the East and married a man by the name of Blakesley, or Blakeslee.  They lived at Corry, Pennsylvania; she and he parted and she again came to live on the homestead in Kansas, bringing Alba Molby and a daughter, Ada Blakeslee, with her.  They had been there 1891-2, only a year when Alba died, as they said of a brain fever.  Alba died May 31 or June 1, 1892.  His grave is near the graves of his father and of several uncles and aunts.

Guardian Records in Syracuse Surrogate's Office
	Alba B. Molby becomes of age June 3, 1896.  Rose Molby guardian.

	Rose Molby of town of Van Buren, the mother of the minor child of Wallace Molby, late of the county of Washington, Kan.  Minor was 5 years of age the 3rd day of June last.  (1880)

	* Information largely by Miss L. E. Voorhees