John Molby Data

Children of George Hervey Molby, Con't.
	3. Gertrude Alice Molby, b. Dec. 25, 1905, near Barnes, Kansas.  She m.
			Pete Becker.  Res. Elsa, Texas.  They have three children: Bonnie
			Rae Becker, b. Jan. 9, 1932; Larry Gene Becker, b. Jan. 6, 1935,
			and Warren Elton Becker, b. Dec. 10, 1946.
			Larry Gene Becker has a Methodist church pastorate (1959) at AGRA
		Oklahoma.  He graduated at Oklahoma City University, 1959.
	4. Hervey Axtell Molby, b. Jan. 23, 1907, Blue Rapids, Kansas.  He m.
			Ettarea Bailey, dau. of Mike Bailey, she b. Feb. 5, 1909, Good-
			water, Alabama.  They have one son, Lloyd Allen Molby, b. Jan. 26,
			1933, at Weslaco, Texas.  He is a college senior (1955).  Hervey
			operates a garage at Hobbs, New Mexico (1955).

George Hervey Molby lives at Weslaco, Texas (1955). One or two years after the death of his wife, Chloe Axtell, he married Harriet Axtell, the widow of a brother of Chloe. Harriet was killed instantly in an automobile accident near Harlingen, Texas, in 1951. It is interesting to note that George Molby's daughter, Gertrude, married in Texas, Pete Becker. Hugh Scrivens, a 2nd cousin once removed (from Gertrude), married in Michigan, Lucille Becker.

Wallace W. & Rose (Crandal) Molby had one child:
	1. Alba B. Molby, b. June 3, 1875; d. May 31 or June 1, 1892.

A short time after the death of her husband, Rose (Crandal) Molby obtained the patent from the U.S. Land Office for their homestead claim in what was then a part of Sherman township, Washington county, Kansas. She returned to the Town of Van Buren, Onondaga Co., N.Y., where she was made guardian of her son, Alba. (See note at the end of p. 38.) The census of the Town of Van Buren for the year 1880, listed her and her son in the family of the son's grandmother, Clarissa Molby. Sometime later she married a George W. Blakeslee, from whom she was later separated. In the year 1891 she returned to their homestead in Kansas, bringing with her the son Alba, and her daughter, Ada Blakeslee. She and Ada lived there and elsewhere in the county for some years. They removed to Lincoln(?), Nebraska.