John Molby Data

Children of Henry and Fannie A. (Meigs) Fowler, Con't.
	2. Ona M. Fowler, b. Feb. 26, 1897, Hillsdale Co., Mich.  She graduated
		Univ. of Mich. and Ph.D. elsewhere.  Teaching in Lenox, Mass., 1955.
	3. Elmer Clinton Meigs, b. Aug. 17, 1874, Hillsdale County, Mich., died
		there April 16, 1876.
	Data by Mrs. Ross Scrivens, Hillsdale St., Hillsdale, Mich. (1955)

William and Emily (Molby) Barlow had two children:
	1. Ada Barlow, m. John Fladd, a barber, of Waterville, Kansas.  They had
		three children: 1. ----; 2. Harry Fladd, died many years ago;
		3. Grace Fladd, who married Major Barton Root.  At some time they
		lived in Chevy Chase, Md.  Her mother, Ada Fladd, died there a few
		years before 1955.
	2. Clara Barlow, m. Grant Beech who then lived in Denver.  They moved to
		the state of Washington.  (Not easy to trace.)

Clinton D. and Harriet (Hatch) Molby had three children.  Records from
	George Hervey Molby, for the most part.
	1. Bertha D. Molby, b. Feb. 12, 1869, Lee County, Illinois; d. March 4,
		1873, burial on the homestead, Maplewood Cem., Barnes, Kansas.
	2. Mary Almira Molby, b. Feb. 3, 1874, Barnes, Ks.; mar. (1) Frank
		Alonzo Ballard, son of David and ---- Ballard, of nearby Ballard's
		Falls, in June, 1894.  Mary and Frank had three children: (1) Clinton
		David Ballard, b. at Perry, Okla.; (2) Chester Alonzo, b. near
		Barnes, Ks.; (3) Everett B., b. Dec. 26, 1905, near Barnes, Ks.
			Frank Ballard died one week before the death of Clinton D. Molby.
		His tombstone is in Maplewood Cemetery.
			She mar. (2) James Burdette Funk of same locality.  They had one
		child, Lenora Funk.  Mr. Funk died at Weslaco, Texas, about 1956.
	3. George Hervey Molby, b. Arlington, Va., May 4, 1877; d. McAllen,
		Texas, July 20, 1959. (His home was at Weslaco, Texas, from 1920.)
		He m. (1) at Blue Rapids, Ks., July 10, 1901, in her parents' home,
		Chloe Frances Axtell.  She b. Dec. 19, 1873, Deep River, Iowa; March
		30, 1944, at home, Weslaco, Texas.
			He mar. (2) for which please see page 34.
			1. Alma Elnora, b. April 27, 1902, Blue Rapids, Ks.; went with
			   parents to Texas.  Prepared for teaching which she did for some
			   years.  Married a teacher, L.P. Haney, who became interested in
			   mine prospecting.  He d. Oct., 1957.  Home, Barstow, Califor-
			   nia, where Alma lives, 1959.
			      Child: Aleene Frances Haney, b. Nov., 1935.
			2. Ethel Enola Molby, b. May 8, 1904, near Barnes, Kansas; m.
			   1930, Edwin Robert Bogusch, b. June 6, 1905, Mason, Texas.
			   Children: George Edwin Bogusch, b. Feb. 20, 1932;
			             Robert Lowell Bogusch, b. Oct. 18, 1936.
			   Ethel also went with parents to Texas, completed college work
			   and taught.  She is a busy worker in the interests of young
			   people and students.  Her husband is a professor of BOTANY,
			   Texas College of Arts and Industries, Kingsville, Texas.
			   (Within the well known King Ranch, of great extent.)
			      His biographical sketch in American Men of Science
			   indicates that Professor Bogusch is a very active scientist in
			   his field.  He has earned at the University of Texas, degrees
			   A.B., A.M., and Ph.D.