Samuel Molby Data

The funeral will occur at the house on Friday at 11 o'clock, Standard time, and will be conducted by Rev. Merritt Wimberly under the direction of Mt. Herman Lodge, F. and A.M. with an escort of Knights Templar. The interment will be in the family plat in Hillsdale. Grandsons and near relatives will act as pall bearers.


Information received states that O.A. Betts mar. 2nd, Alice Bixler, Jan. 5, 1905. She was b. in 1851 and d. Oct. 21, 1921. It is stated that Oscar and Alice and son, George Louis, and his wife, Lillian, are buried on the family lot two short blocks west from the Samuel Molby lot on which a large sandstone monument is seen just inside the gate of the Hillsdale cemetery. If so, I have several times passed their graves.

I visited Uncle Del and his wife at Centreville in 1928. I think he had a third wife.

Samuel James Molby I. attended Baldwinsville schools, taught school one year (I have his school bell). He then went to Hillsdale County, Michigan, and worked several years, some time in the region of Kalamazoo, then for a year or two in a nursery at Kankakee, Illinois.

He arrived at Waterville, Kansas, December, 1869, and soon filed at the nearest Land Office for a homestead on N.E. 1/4 of Section 1, now Sherman Township, Washington county. With a year of absence when his mother was a widow, this was his home to the close of the year 1903 when he moved to Baldwin, Kansas, to school his children. He was a farmer and stockman. He visited Michigan folk one in 1890. I have a picture of the six, four men and two women, sons and daughters of Samuel, 1890. He was a devout methodist the latter third of his life.


Minnie K. Denman's parents, Jacob Nelson Denman and Ella Nancy Kline Denman, were married at Henry, Illinois, Dec. 31, 1873. He was born at Elizabeth, N.J., March 10, 1851. He died near Palmer, Kansas, May 9, 1918. He moved with his parents during his boyhood to Illinois. In 1879, Jacob and his wife moved to a farm three miles west of Palmer, Washington Co., Kansas.

Jacob Nelson Denman was a son of Philip Trembly Denman who was born at Elizabeth, N.J., Dec. 6, 1826. Jacob's mother was Margaret Serin Clark, b. at Elizabeth, N.J., Oct. 1, 1825. Philip Trembly Denman and Margaret Serin Clark were married Jan. 17, 1850. They moved to Illinois during Jacob's boyhood. (Margaret Serin Clark was a daughter of Robert Clark, who was son of Abram Clark, both of New Jersey. Abram Clark was a signer of the Declaration of Independence--his signature is Abra Clark, but the printed List has it, "Abraham Clark, b. Feb. 15, 1726, at Elizabethtown, New Jersey. A Lawyer, representing New Jersey Colony, the 14th signer, died Sept. 15, 1794.")

Margaret Serin (Clark) Denman died near Clifton, Kansas, March, 1907. Philip Trembly Denman died at Niles, Ohio, March 14, 1875.

Ella Nancy Kline was born near Henry, Illinois, Nov. 17, 1852, and died at Kansas City, Missouri, Sept. 16, 1927. She was a daughter of George Washington Kline, a Pennsylvania Dutchman, who moved to Illinois; he born Aug. 24, 1823, and died Aug. 8, 1879, at Henry, Illinois. George Washington Kline married Oct. 4, 1847, Catherine Zuck Elliott, a native of Illinois. She was born May 13, 1831, and died Dec. 19, 1870, at Henry, Illinois. Both are buried at Henry, Illinois.

The Denman Clark family record was supplied by Minnie Kline (Denman) Molby.

Samuel Molby, 1815. Data continued on page 42, with mention of Frank Lewis Molby.