Jonathan Maltby Data




The tax rolls are kept at Argyle and are not readily available. There are seventeen towns in the county.

Grantee Records for Washington Co., N.Y., Books L-Z. Page 516. Jonathan Molly buys of George Guthrie, grantor. No Maltby, Molby or Molly given in Grantor records.

Book A. Page 352.

This Indenture made July 2, 1792 between George Guthrie of the town of Hebron, Washington Co., N.Y., yeoman, of the first part, and Jonathan Molly of the town of Salem, county and state aforesaid, of the second part.

Witnesseth that said George Guthrie by virtue of a deed of release from Dr. Thomas Clark, dated July 24, 1787 in fee simple including the premises hereinafter described in a patent granted Deforest J. and oth ers.

For the sum of 138 pounds current money of New York, Guthrie sells to Jonathan Molby, in his actual possession being, part of lot number 3 and 4 in the town of Hebron, Washington Co., N.Y., containing 104 acres of land Street measure, be the same more or less.

                               Signed and sealed the day and year
                                  first above written.
                                        George Guthrie (S)
                         Recorded July 10, 1792, John McCrea, Clerk.

The description of the land is given in chains, links, etc., which does not mean much to a layman. (Please turn to p. 4.)

Lot No. 12 in the town of Van Buren, Onondaga Co., N.Y., March 8, 1825.
   William Molby & wife Lucina)
   Jacob Molby & wife Saery   )   of Camillus/Town to Isaac Wilson
   Chester Molby & wife Sally )      of Camillus town for $325
   Isaac Molby                )

Conveys part of Lot 12. Beginning at south-east corner of Charleston Britton's lot, thence south to Jacob Molby's corner, thence west far enough to make 25 acres of land at right angles across the lot to Brit ton's land, thence east to first mentioned corner.

                           Recorded Nov. 14, 1829.  Book QQ. Page 3.

This was the last transfer of land before March 26, 1829, when the town of Van Buren was set off from Camillus.

Onondaga's Centennial, by Dwight H. Bruce, published 1896. Volume I, under the Town of Van Buren, page 717. Jonathan Molby, from Connecticut, purchased part of lot 12 in 1804.

Jonathan is not given among the citizens who were entitled to vote by reason of owning or occupying land. The old town of Camillus had 203 electors, thirty-eight of whom can be recognized as of the Van Buren territory. John Wygent's name is on this list.


Data of Jacob Maltby and his descendants on following pages were gathered by Miss Voorhees.