Jonathan Maltby Data




It is not known where Jonathan and his wife are buried, or even if they remained in this locality. After 1810 there is no further record of them.

1800 United States Census for Hebron Town, Washington Co., N.Y. Jonathan Malby or Molby

      2 males - 10 or under            1 female - 16-26
      1   "   - 10 to 16               1   "    - 45 or over
      1   "   - 45 or over

Salem was the post-office for Hebron Town in 1850, and presumably it was in 1800.

1810 Camillus, Onondaga Co., N.Y., Census

      1 male - under 5                1 female - 45 or over
      1   "  - 10 to 16               1 other female in the family
      2   "  - 16 to 26
      1   "  - 45 or over

Early land records in the part of Camillus Town that became Van Buren. Lot 12. Town of Van Buren, Onondaga Co., N.Y. Aug. 29, 1804. Richard Rosa & wife Nancy of Schenectady to Jona- than Molbey of Camillus town, for $333.34 - Conveys southerly part of a tract in the northwest corner of Lot No. 12 containing 100 acres.

                              Recorded Mar. 21, 1810, Book I, page 538.

No record of Richard Rosa owning land. (Please turn to p. 4.)

Mrs. Charles Nesbitt, daughter of Miner Maltby, told Mr. Fred A Molby that Jonathan Maltby was married but once. Did she know?

This question arises because one member of the family wrote Mr. Molby that Jonathan Maltby married a Miss Culver and went to Lenox, Mass. Other members of the family say he married Polly Foote. *

Mrs. Blanche Stockwell of Pittsfield, Mass., located records of a number of land deeds under the name of Maltby. I have copies certified by the Register in Middle District Registry, County of Berkshire, Massa chusetts. True copies from Book 22, page 448, and Book 24, page 293 (1786 and 1787), Jonathan Maltby of Lenox bought land in the Town of Pittsfield, and later sold the same land. Records indicate that there was only one Jonathan Maltby claiming residence there in these years, and we presume that he moved to Salem, Washington County, New York. Mrs. Dorothy Maltby Verrill strongly believed this to be true.

Land records in Washington County show him to have been there in 1792 and in Onondaga County in 1804. Please consult pages 73-75.

Records of First Church, Pittsfield, Mass., p. 378, show that Jonathan Maltby was there in 1786.

Washington County, N.Y., has two County Seats - Hudson Falls in the town of Hebron, where all the land records are kept, and Salem in the town of Salem where the wills are kept. The county was originally part of Albany and some of the deeds before 1772 might be in Albany. The county was also called Charlotte County at one time.

* In 1916, Mrs. Nesbitt wrote me "Jonathan was the only one that came from Massachusetts. I think they were Yankees." Maltby, from Connecti cut to Camillus, via Massachusetts?