Jonathan Maltby Data




Miner Maltby, so of Jacob Maltby & Sarah Miner
   b.  Oct. 15, 1816, in the town of Camillus, now Van Buren
   d.  Jan. 7, 1914, near Jordan, N.Y, at the home of his daughter,
          Eleanor M. Nesbitt
   m.  about 1837

Avaline Vosburgh, daughter of James Vosburgh & Jane ----
   b.  June 23, 1819, in the town of Camillus
   d.  Aug. 19, 1891, in the town of Brutus, Cayuga Co., N.Y.

Children: - including a nephew, Alexander Vosburgh, by adoption
   Child died young
   Child died young
   Atchison Maltby, b. June 2, 1849; d. Dec. 25, 1928; m. Jennette John-
      son, dau. of Franklin Johnson.  she was born Oct. 7, 1856, and died
      Nov. 12, 1939.  Had no children but adopted a boy named James who
      is now living around Saratoga, N.Y.  Graves, Weedsport Rural Cem.
   Eleanor M. Maltby, b. June 22, 1851; d. Feb. 23, 1928; m. about 1873,
      Charles W. Nesbitt, 1854-1934.
      Children: - both born in the town of Brutus, Cayuga Co., N.Y.
         Allen Miner Nesbitt, b. Mar. 19, 1874; m. Mar. 13, 1895,
            Edith May Everts, 1873-1950.
         James Henry Nesbitt, b. July 17, 1876; d. Apr. 10, 1951;
            m. 1st, Bertha Grant; m. 2nd, Mrs. Mary Marvin Bailey.
      Charles & Eleanor Nesbitt worked a farm in the town of Brutus for
      28 years.  The farm was between Jordan and Weedsport and was owned
      by a Mr. Dill who died leaving the farm to his two daughters.  The
      Nesbitts worked the farm for them.  Then, with their son, Miner,
      they bought the farm near Jordan.
   Alexander (Vosburgh) Maltby, b. July 10, 1851; d. Mar. 6, 1912;
      m. Polly Ann Crim, dau. of Lewis Crim & Caroline Waite.  She was
      born Apr. 22, 1845, and died May 26, 1923.  Both buried Weedsport
      Rural Cemetery.
         Merritt Maltby, b. Jan. 30, 1876; m. 1st, Agnes J. Callihan,
            1876-1915; m. 2nd, Cora Kordmarcher, a western girl.
               Ruth, Raymond, Leon James  (See page 16 for children of
                                           Leon James.)

Miner Maltby was a farmer. He lived for a number of years in the town of Van Buren and his children were born there. Later he moved to a farm in the town of Brutus, Cayuga co., N.Y., located about mid-way between Weedsport and Jordan. His wife died here. He married second, Mrs. Betsey Bell, who only lived four or five years. After her death, he lived with his daughter near Jordan, N.Y. He and his first wife are buried in Weedsport Rural cemetery.*

*Information from members of the family--Allen Miner Nesbitt and Mrs. Harold Meaker, especially.