Jonathan Maltby Data




Jonathan Maltby, son of Samuel Maltbie, Jr., & Rebecca Foote.*
   b.  Oct. 21, 1751, in Branford, Conn.
   m.  "a Culver and went to Lenox, Mass."  Quotation from Rev. Jonathan
                                    (4) Maltby at the end of this book
    Lucy (?)   , daughter of

Had children: - among them were:

   Jacob Maltby, b. Feb. 28, 1782; d. Nov. 2, 1856; m. Sarah (Sally)
	 Miner.  (See page 5.)
   Lucy Maltby, b. about 1784; d. probably before 1810, ae. 16 or 18.
   Chester Molby, b. Dec. 8, 1788; d. May 18, 1837; m. Sally Wigent.
	 (See page 8.)
   Isaac Maltby, b.
	 Settled in St. Clair Co., Mich., about 1836.
   William Maltby, b. July 4, 1800; d. 1875; m. in 1823, Losina Clark.
	 Settled in Oakland Co., Mich., in 1836.

Jonathan Maltby was a farmer and an early settler in the town of Camillus, Onondaga Co., N.Y. On Aug. 29, 1804, he bought a 100 acre tract of land in the northwest corner of Lot No. 12 from Richard Rosa and wife Nancy of Schenectady.

He died leaving no will and his children inherited his property which appears to have remained in their possession for many years with the exception of a 25 acre plot which they sold on Mar. 8, 1825, to Isaac Wilcox for $325.

This Jonathan Maltby appeared as head of a household in the town of Camillus in the 1810 census, and from studies of this record it appears that he and his wife were both over 45 years of age and that the children mentioned above came with him.

A tradition in the family says that Jonathan had seven sons. If this is so, then the three not included in this record either died early, or have not been identified as settling in this locality.

The surname of this family has been spelled and recorded in may different ways. As nearly as can be ascertained the original spelling was Maltby or Maltbie or Maltbye. The signature of Jonathan, who was the first of the name here, has not been found, but in the few places where his name is mentioned the spelling is Molbey or Molby, and it is quite probable that this uncertainty of the correct spelling is what decided his sons to adopt the two forms - Maltby for Jacob in New York and Wil liam in Michigan; Molby for Chester in New York and Isaac in Michigan.

*See the Foote Genealogies, the Maltby-Morehouse or the Maltby- Maltbie Genealogy. See also page 68 and the following pages of this manuscript. The Descendants of Nathaniel Foote, by Nathaniel Goodwin, Hartford, 1849. Person No. 2084 is Jonathan Maltbie, b. 1751, child of Samuel Maltby, Jr. and Rebecca Foote.