Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

(Hoyts' Hist. of Stamford, p. 23; also Tuttle Family, p. 338) "John Holly, Ensign, b. Nov. 10, 1705 - d. Dec. 21, 1786. He was an officer of the Colonial force during the French and Indian War; one of the first selectmen of Stamford (1750-1774). Agent for the town at the General Court. In 1758, he was on the Committee with Col. Hoyt and Hon. Abraham Davenport to supply firewood, etc. to his Majesty's forces, (250th Highlanders) quartered in town. He was a son of John and Susanna (Selleck) Holly and grandson of John Holly, one of the first settlers of Stamford. (1642).

Sarah (Holly) Maltby and David Webb had a daughter, Cath. Webb b. Aug. 13, 1771. "Mrs. David Webb was living in 1848." She was a 2nd wife of David Webb.

Hannah Slausson was dau. of John Slauson and Mary his wife. John was b. Sept. 9, 1664 and died in 1700. Another reference states: "Mr. John and Mistress Mary Slauson, d. Aug. 20, 1745." John Slauson was a son of John Slauson (Slason, Slosson) who mar. in New Haven, Nov. 19, 1663 Sarah, dau. of William and Elizabeth Tuttle.

Children of David Maltbie and Sarah Holly:
IV.133.  Sarah Maltbie, b. May 1, 1750
IV.134.  Hannah   "     b. Oct. 10, 1751--died young
IV.135.  David    "     b. Aug. 23, 1753--died Jan. 1, 1758
IV.136.  Abigail  "     b. July 21, 1756
IV.137.  David    "     b. April 4, 1759
IV.138.  Hannah   "     b. April 29, 1762.

(Note. Here we have an instance of three younger children born three years apart, as in case of Will. (1) Maltby).

III.43. Mary Maltby, b. Mar. 14, 1733/4 (Jonathan 2, Wm. 1). (Ref. "Jonathan Waterbury Genealogy. Ancestry and some of the descendants of Jonathan Waterbury of Nassau, N.Y. (1766-1825) by Grace A. Water- bury and Edwin M. Waterbury, pub. 1930).

(p. 118) "General David Waterbury, son of John (No. 19) and Susanna (Newkirk) Waterbury, was born at Stamford, Conn. Feb. 12, 1722; died at Stamford (p. 119) June 29, 1801. Married, May 15, 1758, Mary Maltby, who was born in 1733. She died Nov. 7, 1810.

William Waterbury, b. Oct. 10, 1765; d. Jan. 10, 1842.
Molly       "      b. Jan. 1, 1769; d. Sept. 24, 1795, unmarried.

(p. 118) General David Waterbury was a Veteran of the French and Indian Wars, participating in six campaigns, and winning promotion to the rank of Major.

In 1776, he was promoted to be a Brig-General, and led the Connecticut Militia to Canada to reinforce that Army. He was taken prisoner at the Battle of Valcour Island when he was second in com- mand under Benedict Arnold. He was a prisoner three years. Following the War he served twenty-three terms as Representative of Stamford in the Connecticut legislature."

(Chapter Sketches of Conn. D.A.R.)

"Stamford Chapter."

(p. 433) "In 1775, Stamford was represented in the Senate by Abra- ham Davenport and in the State Assembly by David Waterbury and Charles Webb."

(p. 437) "Other men whose names are best known today in connection with the Revolutionary War are Gen. David Waterbury and Col. Charles Webb."