Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

Foot, Paul Tyler, Samuel Maltby, Jonah Todd and John Johnson, all of said Branford.

I do give, grant, etc., to the said Ichabod Foote, Paul Tyler, Samuel Maltby, Jonah Todd and John Johnson, Professors of the Epis- copal Church of England and other professors of said Church, inhab- itants of said Branford, etc." (Deed recorded with town records of Branford March 19, 1764--N.S. Barker, Town Clerk. febu 80, felie 280)"

"Branford, April 20, 1763. We the Subscribers, professors of the Church of England, being desirous to build a church, etc.,---to build on Paul Tyler's lot on the East side of the road above the meeting house in the Parish of Northford in Branford.
2. Agreed by Subscribers to tax themselves according to their sev- eral lists of Retale Estates, etc., Signed:

Paul Tyler
Ichabod Foot
Joseph Darwin
Samuel Maltby
David Rogers
Jonah Todd
Phineas Beach
Joseph Finch
John Johnson"   
and jointly and severally to pay Rev. John Lyon, # yearly and every year during his continuing to perform divine service with and for us, also 1/2 expense of his house-rent, keeping of his house, 2 cows and 1/2 firewood. In proportion of our list. The conditions of this obligation are such that whenever we of ourselves or in unison maintain a minister ourselves, our connection with the Church of Guilford we expect will be void. In witness where- of we sign our names.
Joseph Darwin                 John Johnson,
Jonah Todd                    Sam'l Maltby, Jun.
Bille Tyler                   Paul Tyler
John Beach	                   James Boyles"(?) (Baylis, I think.)
Samuel Maltby                 Ebenezer Foot.

"Branford, Dec. 12, 1765."
Agreement how to defray expense of building the house according to lists of John Todd to collect. Signed.
Paul Tyler
Jonah Todd
David Rogers
John Johnson
Sam'l Maltby
Ichabod Foot
Phineas Beach.
(6th page) "Ichabod Foot. Amount of labor, money and sundries paid in building the house appears by account found.
"Samuel Maltby and Son, Dc. do.	          16 - 13 - 2
                                          17 -  4 - 5."
"Our connection with the Church People of Guilford we expect will be void in witness whereof we sign our names.
Joseph Dowd                   Jonah Todd
Bille Tyler                   John Beach