Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

severally promise to pay unto our Honoured Mother Elizabeth Maltby the sum of Twenty pounds lawfull Money within one year from the de- cease of our Honoured Father, Capt Benjamin Maltby, in case she sur- vives him, and we do by those present bind ourselves and our heirs jointly and severally to pay our equal proportion of sd. sum of Twen- ty pounds lawfull Money as above expressed whenever it shall take place, and thereafter we promise as aforesaid to pay unto her the sd. Elizabeth Maltby the sd. sum of Twenty pounds lawfull money to be annually after the decease of sd. Benjamin Maltby, to be paid joint- ly during the Natural life of our Honoured Mother to the which pay- ment will and faithfully to be made and performed we have hereunto set our hands and seals dated Branford. 20 day of Febru'y, 1792

In Presents of                   Benjamin Maltby, Seal (X)
   Jonah Clark                   Jonathan Maltby, Seal (X)
   Hannah Clark.                 Isaac Maltby, Seal    (X)
                                 Stephen Maltby, Seal  (X)
(Endorsements on back of Bond)
"Northford. July 9, 1797.
Value received, I promise Elizabeth Maltby to pay her three pounds two shillings Lawfull Money on demand with interest till paid. Isaac Maltby.
Northfield July 9, 1797. Received of Isaac Maltby four pounds on this bond the above note being part.
							El. - Maltby."
Northfield May 11, 1799. Received five pounds, eleven shillings and eight pence on this bond of Isaac Maltby.
Northfield, Novbr 1800. Received seven dollars on this bond of Isaac Maltby.
Northfield Apr 24, 1802. Value recieved. I promise Elizabeth Maltby to pay her on demand four dollars. Isaac Maltby."
June 18th Received two crowns being 13/2 on this bond of Isaac Maltby.
Jan. 31, 1805. Received of Isaac Maltby two crowns.

(Copy.  From Mrs. Frederick E. Foster
   218 Tremont Avenue
   Mount Vernon, N.Y.
(Note. Mrs. Foster was a grand-daughter of General Isaac Maltby and the above were his receipts. Undoubtedly the other three sons owned similar documents).

III.30. Martha Maltby, b. Sept. 11, 1720 (Branford Rec.) (Daniel 2, Wm. 1). Mar. May 9 (or 19), 1739, at Branford, Daniel Howd.

He is called "son of John and Hannah Howd, and was born May 23, 1715."
Under date "1718" there is a "Deed of John Howd to Daniel Malt- by, 3 acres." (Branford Rec.)

Note. I think Conn. Genealogies have made an error in calling Daniel Howd a son of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Whitehead) Howd. The fact that Daniel Howd's first child in named "Wilkinson" suggests very strongly that Hannah was a Wilkinson. A Daniel Howd died at Branford in 1756.

IV.105.  Wilkinson Howd, b. June 3, 1740.