"The History of Mass: 1620-1750, by Thomas Hutchinson, late Governor of Mass., Boston, 1795. p.357) has the folowing"----

"In the year 1740. At length it being known that Lord Euston's election for Coventry was dubious, one of these gentleman, undertook to the Duke of Grafton to secure the election, provided Mr. Belcher might be immediately removed, and to accomplish his design, he repre- sented to Mr. Maltby, a large dealer in Coventry stuffs and a zealous dissenter, that Mr. Belcher was with the Episcopal clergy, conspiring the ruin of the Congregational interests in New England, and unless he was immediately removed, it would be irrevocably lost; that the Duke of Grafton had promised if Lord Euston's election could be secured it should be done, that letters to his friends in Coventry would infallibly secure it; that he could not better employ his interest than in the cause of God and religion.

Maltby swallowed the bait, used all his interest for Lord Euston, the two gentlemen spent three weeks at Coventry, and having succeeded, agreeable to the Duke's promise, Mr. Belcher was removed a day or two after their return.

This account I received from Mr. Maltby himself, who lamented that he had suffered himself to be so easily imposed on".

This account should be of interest to the descendants of Samuel (2) born 1693; died 1751; as the line of Samuel undoubtedly had connections with Boston, Mass. I think it is quite certain that the Mr. Maltby who went to Coventry in 1740, was Samuel (2) Maltby b. 1693 and died in 1751.

His son, Samuel (3) was born in 1718, and it was supposed that his first wife was Abigail Wilford, when he married at Branford, Conn. Oct. 13, 1743. However a friend sent me the following from "Boston, Mass., Records commissioners Reports".

"Intentions of marriage of Samuel Maltby and Ann Dyer, May 9, 1739. Children whose births were recorded were:____They mar. June 7, 1739.

     Anne Maltby, b. 24 Jan. 1739-40 
     Thomas Dyer Maltby, b. 24 Dec. 1740" (evidently died) 
     Thomas Dyer Maltby, b. 17 Dec. 1742". 

I think it is evident Anne Dyer was the first wife of Samuel (3). she probably died about 1742 and he married Abigail Wilford in 1743.

There are two other records in Boston locality. (Litchfield Records, Vol. I, p.536)

"July 5, 1730. Deed of land in Litchfield, from William Goodrich. Copetennock, in ye province of Massachusetts Bay, in New England, Yeo- man, lately of Litchfield, etc; to Samuel Maltbie of Branford, of three several parcels of land in the Crotch of Bantam, or Will River, for the consideration of # 200 (pounds).

                              "Capt. Malbie's deed from Goodrich". 

The other deed (Springfield Deeds, Vol. XV, p.207) is:---

"Normand Merrison of Hartford, etc. # 1000 (pounds) to Samuel Maltby of Boston in the Co. of Suffolk, and province of Mass. Bay, Mer- chant, two parcels of land lying in the town of Bedford in the Co. of Hampshire, 1238 acres. 20 April 1743".

As Captain Samuel (2) Maltby, b. 1693, did not die until Dec. 2, 1751, the probability is that the 1740 Letter refers to him, which would account for his son, Samuel (3) marrying Ann Dyer of Boston.