Maltby Genealogy

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myself. Again the thought of so desirable a Parent---forced upon me and fain would I recall and cherish the departed and much loved spirit a little longer--but all in vain!--His Father in Heaven calls and he must obey!--In an instant he drops his day tabernacle, bids a fond adieu to all below, flys up to heaven and finds a peaceful home-- sudden and appeal (?) was the ring of terrors in executing the com- mandment of heaven, but so much the sooner did this grim messenger perform his business--He was aged--a man eighty years of age in his eightieth year--and a long time have we enjoyed him--We could not rationally expect him to have continued much longer and he is now exempted from a painful and lasting sickness and perhaps scarcely felt any of the agonies of death--How sudden--how joyful--how glor- ious the exchange of words to this indeed!--May he not be called an escalite since almost every virtue shown in him!

No wife ever perhaps enjoyed a more kind and provident and lov- ing husband--no children a more indulgent and affectionate parent! In life he was universally beloved--in death universally lamented-- It has been observed that more real signs of grief never appeared at the fruneral of so aged a person--We my brother have lost his example, counsel and prayers--so has the church and so has the world--he loved all and was always doing good to the moment of his death--O may his mantle fall on each and all of us--may we imbibe a double portion of his piety! We have reason to lament--not on his account, but that unlike what we profess to be--do different in life and conversation, from the immaculate Jesus--The longu (?) of this awful providence is be ye actually and habit ready for at such an hour as ye think man (---?)

Dear I will invade us. pointed nor am I anxious if I am provided what he comes in"--

The fruneral solemnities were attended by a very large procession and a formal discourse delivered by Rev. Matthew Noyes, form Mathew 24.44 "Be ye also ready"--

Our surviving parent was at the first shock quite overcome-- but thro' divine goodness appears to be more composed at present.

While the grand parent mourned for is taken away, a grandson is an object of joy in the family of brother Stephen and sister was so well as to attend the fruneral--We are all in health God be praised-- pray write us how your family is--in the inter--(?) under serious and weighty impressions believe me to be your affectionate friend and Brother.

                                   Jonathan Maltby
We wish you and Sister would come down!

Note. "Brother Stephen" was ancestor of the compiler of this book. The son referred to was: Stephen Elutheros, who was bapt. at Northford, July 17-1796." Evidently he was born before July 12th when Jonathan Maltby wrote his letter.

Bond--Northford, Conn. 1792, 1797--Northfield 1797, 1799, 1800, 1802- 1805."

Know all men by these presents that we, Benjamin Maltby, Junr., Jonathan Maltby and Stephen Maltby, all of Branford in the County of New Haven and State of Connecticut, and Isaac Maltby of Hatfield in the Common Wealth of Massachusetts, for value Recd we jointly and