Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

misstep he fell and broke his neck."

The Church record reads: "July 9, 1796. Deacon Benjamin Maltbie, instantly killed by a fall from a load of hay, age 80."

Note. It is interesting to learn that this ancestor was sufficiently "hale and hearty" at the age of 80 to be on top of a hay cart, loading hay on a July day.

Concerning his baptism, Mrs. Cushman wrote: "A marked instance of prompt attention to this ordinance."

(County Court Rec. New Haven, Vol. IV, p. 126)

"About 1741, Benjamin Maltby was plaintiff in a law suit for # 600."
(Branford Rec. Vol. II)

"April, 1746, he was admitted and sworn as one of the freemen of Branford."
(Springfield Deeds. vol. 32, p. 97)

"James Bishop of Westfield in the Co. of Hampshire in the Common- wealth of Massachusetts, Miller for # 300 to Benjamin Maltby of Bran- ford, 3/4 of a certain Grist Mill standing on the mile brook in the town of West field afore said called Boggs Mills with all the priviledges and appurtenances thereto belonging. 30 Oct. 1792." (Vol. 32, p. 242) "March. 1793. Noah Dewey of West field for # 35 conveys one fourth of said mill." (Vol. 31, p. 222) "31 Oct. 1792. Calvin Austin of Suffield, Hartford Co., Conn. quit claims his interest in said mill--it having been leased to him by James Bishop, on 24 Aug. 1729."

(Note. I am at a loss to understand why Benjamin, son of Daniel and his half-brother, Samuel Maltby, were buying property in Hampshire. Is it possible William (1) Maltby was related to the Bishops, through his grandmother, Margaret Bishop.)

Tombstones at Northford.
  In Memory of                         "Elihu, ye
 Sarah, wife of                    son of Mr. Benjamin
    Mr. Benjamin Maltby                and Elizabeth Maltby
   who died Aug. 6, 1752                died Aug. 19, 1752.
          Ae. 42."
                                      "Also Thaddeus his son
                                         died Dec. 2, 1776
                                    in the 20th year of his age."

  "In Memory of                        "In Memory of
    Dea. Benjamin Maltby                  Elizabeth--relict
          who died                     of Dea. Benjamin Maltby
        July 9, 1796                   who died Dec. 31, 1820
  In the 80th year of his                 in the 93d year
            age                             of her age
"Precious in the Sight of the Lord      My beloved is mine and
  is the death of his saints."               I am his."

Letter from Hannah (6) Linsley of Northford to compiler.

"I have heard how Grandfather Maltby used to scold his wife: 'My dear, I wonder at you.' Then she would go in the bedroom and cry. She was a second wife, both marriages were unusually happy ones.

Great grandmother said when she lost her baby she thought it terrible, but when a grown son died in the Army the loss of the baby