Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

(Col. Rec. Conn. 1768-1772. Vol. XIII, p. 13) "General Assembly holden at Hartford, June 10, 1768. This Assembly do establish Mr. Benjamin Malbie to be Captain of the 14th Company, or Train band, in the 2nd Regiment in this Colony. Descendants state that he trained troops on the common during the Revolutionary War.

In a "Volume of Transcript Records, 1694-1788, Branford, p. 356," we find:

"At a town meeting held Feb. 5, 1776.

Voted that an addition should be made to the Committee of Inspection.

Likewise chose, Deacon Elnathan Beach, Richard Baldwin, Aaron Baldwin and Capt. Benjamin Maltbie to assist the former "Commity." (p. 351)

"December first Monday. Anno domini, 1777. Voted. . . .(several names, not sent me) and Benjamin Maltbie a Committee for the Purpose of Supplying the Families of such Officers and Soldiers belonging to this Town with such Provisions and Cloathing as may be necessary for their Support pursuant to an Act of the General Assembly holden by Adjoinnt (?) at Hartford, the 11th day of Oct. 1777."

Rev. Jonathan (4) Maltby wrote:

"Mr. Gillette says that "the people of North and South societys (Northford and Old Branford) entered with ardor into the War of the Revolution, and furnished a full quota of men by voluntary enlistment, both for land and sea service." Benjamin was Capt. of trained band."

The record of both Capt. Daniel (3) and his brother, Capt. Benjamin (3) are very confusing, as Northford and Branford appear to be interchangeable names.

As nearly as I can learn, Capt. Benjamin was residing in Northford, when he mar. in 1752/3, Elizabeth Fowler, as his eight childrenwere born at Northford, Dec. 1753, down to, and including, July 1769.

In 1772 (Northford Rec.) "Died April 22, 1772 Capt. Maltbie's Negro woman and two children, 2 days."

The gravestone of Benjamin's son, Thaddeus, who died of sickness in Rev. War, Dec. 2, 1776, is at Northford.

In 1778 Benjamin was Deacon at Northford, and he died at Northford July 9, 1796. We have seen that Benjamin was a "near neighbor" of his brother Daniel at Northford. "Benjamin removed from Branford to Northford and occupied the Blakly house, just below Edwin Foote's on the right hand facing," wrote Juluis (5) Maltby.

Rev. Jonathan (4) Maltby refers to him as "held in high esteem." "Three of his sons saw active service in the Rev. War. The other two sons were but children, aged eleven and nine respectively, when war broke out." (Northford Church Rec., p. 127)

"April 2nd, 1778. This church make choice of Capt. Benjamin Maltbie and Phineas Baldwin to be their Deacons who accepted their office. Testimony of Warham Williams, Pastor.

"This good man came to his death very suddenly, at the advanced age of 80 years. He was loading hay, while his son Jonathan, was pitching it on the cart, and from the starting of the horses or a