Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

Mar. (1) Sept. 16, 1736, in Branford, Sarah Harrington, dau. of Deacon Samuel Harrington. (Conn. Marriages). There is no record of any children by this marriage. He mar. (2) Oct. 26, 1752, at Durham, Conn., Elizabeth Fowler. She was b. Oct. 11 (or 20?) 1728, and was dau. of Josiah and Hannah (Baldwin) Fowler.

Rev. Jonathan Maltby (4) son of Capt. Benjamin, wrote:

"My honored Father was born in 1716, his first wife was Sarah Harrington one of the daughters of Deacon Samuel; after seven years of wedded life, she died without children. My Father's second wife was Elizabeth Fowler of Durham, Conn., dau. of Josiah and Hannah Baldwin, sister to Deacon Baldwin of Durham and Elder Baldwin of Milford, Conn. She was born Oct. 20, 1725 and was married in 1753. He died July 9, 1796; dear mother died Dec. 31, 1820."

The compiler has an old "coffin-handle" spoon which belonged to Elizabeth Fowler Maltby, marked "E. M." Also a quaint old wallpaper box owned by Capt. Benjamin Maltby. Date "1776" on the bottom and his name.

According to aged descendants of the above, her father, Josiah Fowler had "a large amount of silver currency melted up and made into table silver for a wedding present to her."

"The Fowlers belonged to what was called "the Court" aristocracy and were Church of England folk. Descendants related the state in which they attended Church, driving in a really magnificant coach, which always created much comment."

Rev. Jonathan (4) Maltby wrote:

"Deacon Harrington was one of the Pilgrim fathers, was eminently pious--was much esteemed--was a leading member in the Village and a pillar in the early church in Northford."

Josiah Fowler was son of the Hon. Abraham Fowler and Elizabeth Bartlett; Hon. Abraham was son of John Fowler and Mary Hubbard, and John Fowler was son of Mr. William Fowler, New Haven, 1638/9. His name is on an old stone, made from the first mill-stone used in the Colony, which is in the Milford Memorial bridge. It reads:

               "Mr. William Fowler
                    Obit 1660
          The founder of this the first
           Mill in the Colony in 1639
           Wherein he used this stone"
Hannah Baldwin descended from Joseph Baldwin of Milford, 1639.  His
Stone in the Memorial Bridge is No. 15
               Joseph Baldwin
                 Obit 1690
              Hannah his Wife."

The Baldwin ancestry has been traced back to Richard Baldwin who died Sept. 21, 1485. They were of Dundridge and Aston-Clinton, Buckingham- shire, England.

Benjamin Maltby's military record follows: (Colonial Rec., Vol. X, 1751-1757, p. 415)

"General Assembly held at New Haven, Nov. 5, 1755.

This Assembly do establish Mr. Benjamin Maltbie, Ensign."

"General Assembly holden at New Haven, 8 Oct. 1761 (p. 578, Col. Rec. XI). This Assembly do establish Mr. Benjamin Maltbie, Lieut."