Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

During the Revolutionary War, about 1777, Capt. Daniel Maltbie was a member of the Committee of Safety at Branford.

In April 1744. Daniel Maltbie was admitted one of the freemen of Branford. His home at Northford, was on the Main street. He was a farmer. He was one of the twenty founders of the First Church in Northford, incorporated June 13, 1750, under the pastoral care of Rev. Warham Williams. (Northford Church Rec.)

(Note. The compiler has visited the delightful old parsonage at Northford. The front door has been famous by its use in magazines for an advertisement. Rev. Warham Williams' daughter, Abigail, mar. Col. Stephen Maltby).

Daniel Maltby returned to Branford and on the 26th of August, 1770, List of Admitted to the Church is

"No. 184. Captain Daniel Maltbie. (April 21, 1773)

John Kircum
Esther Kircum."
(Branford Church Rec. 2nd. Book)

"On Nov. 7, 1771, Capt. Daniel Maltbie was chosen deacon at Branford.

"His funeral occured Oct. 26, 1776."

The will of Daniel Maltby, 10 March, 1776. I have not a copy of this will, simply a short Abstract.

"To my son Daniel Maltbie of Norfolk.
 To my daughter Esther wife of John Kircum (Kirkham) of Branford.
 To my daughter Mary, wife of Samuel Brown of Goshen.
 To my daughter Hannah, wife of Simeon Frisbie, of Branford.
 To my daughter Lucretia, wife of Josiah Fowler of Guilford.
 To my daughters Sabra, Thankful, Lydia and Sarah Maltbie
 To my sons Benjamin and Zaccheus Maltbie both of Branford.
(Branford Deed. Vol. X, p. 540). "Mary Maltbie of Branford."

"To my sons Benjamin Maltbie and Zaccheus Maltbie, both of Branford--all my right of Dower in the lands and buildings which were set to me in the distribution of the Estate of my late husband, Daniel Maltbie. 5 May 1781."

Children of Daniel and Mary (Harrison) Maltbie:
IV.86.  Esther Maltby, b. Aug. 30, 1739.
IV.87.  Daniel   "     b. Jan. 7, 1742.
IV.88.  Mary     "     b. June 5, 1744.
IV.89.  Hannah   "     b. Sept. 25, 1746.
IV.90.  Lucretia "     b. May 22, 1749.
IV.91.  Benjamin "     b. May 11, 1750 at Northford, Conn.
IV.92.  Zaccheus "     b. June 1754.
IV.93. *Sabra    "     b. May 10, 1756 ("died unmar." according to
                       Esther Topping Maltbie).
IV.94.  Thankful "     b. Feb. 5, 1758.
IV.95.  Lydia    "     bapt. Oct. 12, (or Dec. 18?) 1760.
IV.96.  Sarah    "     bapt. June 23, 1765.
*(Norfolk Rec. Vol. III) "Communicants.  Zabrina Maltbie, Jan. 11,
1784, removed to Vernont.
"Died. Aug. 1802, ae. 46, Zabrina Maltbie."

III.29. Capt. Benjamin Maltby, bapt. June 23, 1717, (Branford Rec. Vol. "1694"), (Daniel 2, Wm. 1). -- material copied by Mrs. James Burton Kring (Louise Maltby McNellis), March 19, 1957, at Wallingford.

(Wallingford Probate Records, Vol. IV, p. 177)

"Deacon Benjamin Maltby--15 Dec. 1796, late of Northford. Estate divided at request of Elizabeth, widow of Capt. Benjamin of Branford.

Heirs to Benjamin's Estate, late of Northford, 24 October 1796.

                    Benjamin Maltby
                    Jonathan Maltby
                    Isaac Maltby
                    Stephen Maltby
                    James Linsley
                    Sarah Linsley





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