Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

III.28. Capt. Daniel Maltby, b. Oct. 30, 1715, Branford (Branford Rec.), (Daniel 2, Wm. 1). Mar. Sept. 16, 1736, Mary Harrison, dau. of Nathaniel and Thankful (Wilkinson) Harrison. (Conn. Mar.). She was b. in Branford, April 19, 1718, and was dau. of Edward and Rebecca Wilkinson.

Wilkinson is a name on several of our Maltby family records in England.

In 1602, Will of our ancestor, Richard Maltby of Kexby, Lincoln, mentions his dau. Margaret Wilkinson.

In 1603, the will of Christopher Maltby of Upton, Lincoln (of our branch) has as witness: Richard Wilkinson. In 1618 our ancestor John Maltby of Springthorpe, Lincoln, has as witness to his will, Richard Wilkinson, and in 1624, Richard Maltby of Upton, Lincoln, (our branch) has as witness to his will, Edmund Wilkinson.

Rev. Jonathan (4) Maltby wrote: "Uncle Daniel Maltby and my father, Benjamin, lived in Northford, near neighbors, and my father died there. Daniel had eleven children, 3 sons and 8 daughters." Daniel Maltby was Deacon in the Congregational Church at Branford.

Rev. Jonathan also wrote: "Daniel owned the place lately occupied by Reuben Harrison, sold to Josiah Fowler and moved to Stony Creek, nr. Branford. A Good Man."

Note. In 1905 or 6, Miss Martha Maltby of Oberlin, Ohio (a descendant of Daniel), was staying for a few days with us at Pine Orchard. We drove to Daniel's old home. It was empty save for an old foot-warmer, that in olden times were carried to church and an old candle mould. "Cousin" Martha purchased the foot-warmer from the care taker, and I the candle mould--for six candles.

We obtain his Military Record from the following: "Aug. 1757. Lieut. Daniel Maltbie's Company of Northford in Branford. In ye Regiment (2) for the alarm, for the relief of Fort William Henry. King Philips War. (Conn. Hist. Society, Vol. 9, p. 224)

French and Indian War.  Rolls Vol. I
Campaign of 1757.
Lieut. Maltbie's Company
Daniel Maltbie (of Northford in Branford) Lieut.
The Colony of Connecticut of Lieut. Daniel Maltbie, Lieut. of the
Company under his Command in ye 2nd Regiment, under Col. Newton, for
their service all ye time of the alarm for the Relief of Fort William
Henry and parts ajacent.
August, 1757
Days in Service
Daniel Maltbie, Lieut.  8 to 23 -- 15 days.
(Col. Rec. Vol. 10-1751-1757.  p. 415)

"General Assembly held at New Haven, Nov. 5, 1755. "This Assembly do establish and confirm Mr. Daniel Maltbie to be Lieut. of the company of train band in the parrish of Northford and order that he be commissioned accordingly."

"General Assembly holden at New Haven. 8 Oct. 1761." (Col. Rec. of Conn. 1757-1767, Vol. XI, p. 578) This Assembly do establish Mr. Daniel Maltbie to be Captain of the 14th. Company of the 2nd Regiment of this Colony."