Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

The Pratt ancestry is traced back to Thomas Pratt of Baldock, Hertfordshire and wife Joan. He died in 1539 A.D.

On a map of Hartford, Conn., 1640, pub. in the Pitkin Genealogy, the Home Lot of John Pratt is shown on the N. side of Little River, on the W. side of the road from the Palisades to Centinel Hill (Main Street) and was next to the home of Gov. John Haynes, which John Pratt fterwards bought.

On the Monument, erected by the Ancient Burying Ground Association in 1837, in memory of the first settlers of Hartford, is inscribed the names of John Pratt, William Pratt, Thomas Hosmer, Nath. Ward, Thomas and Richard Lord, etc.

(Hist. Cambridge, Mass., p. 628).

"John Pratt was here in 1633, and owned a house on the northerly side of Mount Auburn street, between Brighton Street and Brattle Square, which he soon sold to Joseph Isaacs. He removed to Hartford, where he was a Juror, Deputy and Magistrate, and was an important man in the Colony."

(New Haven Court Records).

"Dec. 12, 1737. Joseph Maltbie of Branford, plaintiff for #300." The case was granted him. (Vol. III, p. 496). 1741. Joseph Maltbie of Branford, plaintiff for #160. The case was granted him. (Vol. IV, p. 109). 1741. Like the above. (Vol. IV, p. 114).

He is said to have been a Sea Captain and was dead in 1749.

IV.79.  Elizabeth Maltby, bpt. July 25, 1736. (Rec. of bpt. by Rev.
                          Philemon Robbins, Branford).
IV.80.  Joseph      "     bpt. May 21, 1738  (Branford Rec.).
IV.81.  Hannah      "     bpt. June 5, 1740  (Not traced. A "Hannah
                          Maltbie d. at Norfolk, Conn., Oct. 1800,
                          "aged 81"  (or was this 61?)
IV.82.  William     "     b. June 13, 1742  (Branford Rec.)
IV.83.  Noah        "     b. Sept. 23, 1744  (Branford Rec.)
IV.84.  Jonathan    "     bpt. Aug. 24, 1746  (Branford Rec.)
IV.85.  Martha      "     b. Aug. 2, 1748, bp. Aug. 21  (Branford Rec.)

III.27. Abigail Maltby, b. Mar. 6 (or 7) 1713-14 (Dan. 2, Wm. 1). Deacon Charles Foote in his "Maltby Genealogy" states of her: "She mar. (1) John Hall of Cheshire, and (2) Ephraim Parish of Cheshire, July 19, 1740."

It seems that Deacon Foote must have thought the records pertained to one Abigail Maltby, but it seems to the compiler that the records of these marriages concern two different Abigails.

Daniel (2) had a dau. Abigail, b. in 1714.

Samuel (2) had a dau. Abigail, b. in 1716.

Mr. Roswell Parish writes: "The Abigail who mar. Ephraim Parish was a daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Maltby." According to Mr. Parish, she was not a widow of Hall, as she is recorded as "Abigail Maltbie."

Consequently one can only conjecture that Abigail, b. 1713/14, (dau. of Daniel (2)), mar. a John Hall. He was not, however, of Cheshire; more likely this Hall family was from Guilford, Conn., as a "Philomon Hall, "Guilford, b. Sept. 3, 1733, mar. at Branford May 6, 1756, Sarah Page.

Neither of these marriages are important, as it is evident there were no descendants of either the Hall or Parish marriages.