our emigrant ancestor, William Maltby of New Haven, Connecticut. 1672." Son lately born" is Robert Maltby, New Haven, 1671, whose name occurs with that of his first cousin, Robert, son of Robert Maltby of Bawtry, Yorks.

As John Maltby in the Codicil to his will, 1647, directed "House in Briggate to be sold and # 100 (pounds) to son John at 21 and residue to my youngest son lately born". We obtain John's age from the following sale. (Fest of Fines. Trierity. 14 Charles II. 1662)

"Final agreement between John Darrell, gent; John Ward and Elizabeth, his wife, Richard Otter and Anne his wife, purchaseers:

     William Carr and Dorothy his wife, 
     John Maltby 
     George Holmes and Mary his wife, 
     Robert Maltby 
     Robert White and Johane his wife, vendors; of two messuages, two gardens,
        25 acres of land, 6 of meadow, 2 of pasture and common of pasture with
        appurtenances in East Retford, West Retford, Babworth in Co. Notts". 

(Note. John Maltby in his Will, 1647, leaves "eldest son John house in Carr Lane".) In "1561/2 and Edmund Carr married Ann Maltby at St. Peter's at Arches, Lincoln City." Another Final Agreement, 1662, pertains to John Maltby in which he is selling with the heirs of his uncle, Richard Maltby, of Springthorpe. (Fest of Fines, 14-15 Charles II. 1662) "Final Agreement between Peter Booth, John Langfitt, purchaseers and Sir George Savile, baronet, and Dorothy his wife, Robert Farmery and Mary his wife Cecilia Cherbury, widow, William Mason, gent. and John Maultby, vendors, of a messuage, 2 cottages, 2 gardens, 2 orchards, 1 acre of meadow, 1 of pasture and common of pasture with appurts in East Ret- ford, Co. Notts". Note. Mary, wife of Robert Farmery, was daughter of Richard Maltby of Springthorpe, Will 1638. Cecilia Cherbury, widow, was grand-daughter of Richard, her mother be- ing Sarah Maltby who married William Parks in 1636. William Mason, gent., was husband of Richard's daughter Margaret, he of East Retford, Notts.

Richard Maltby's Will 1638 mentions no son John. The only other "John Maltby" was John, son of Robert Maltby of Bawtry, who was born 1642, but according to the abstract of Robert's Will, he leaves: "Son John, under 21, # 200 (pounds) and there is no mention of any property.

     While not entirely pertiment, it is interesting to note the following:----- 
             "Lady Dorothy Savile = Richard Boyle, Marquis of Halifax 
                 b. 1690     |      3rd Earl of Burlington. 
                 m. 1714     | 
             Lady Dorothy Boyle = Lord Euston, son of the Duke of Grafton. 
                 b. 1724 
                 m. 1741, aged 17