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Copy of Rev. Jonathan (4) Maltby's MS.

He had one daughter who married Bille Tyler, son of Paul Tyler, 3 sons, Samuel, James, Jonathan.

Samuel married Rosanah Coe, Durham, 3 sons, John, Timothy,

Morris (died in mid-life)

John married Elizabeth Ives, 4 children, Samuel Chauncy, John, Selina, Julian.

	  Samuel Chauncy married Ruth Collins, 2 children dece'd.  He
		died in early life, his widow now lives in the ancient home.
	  James married Sarah Coe, 2 sons, 2 daughters, James, Henry,
		Sarah married Augustus Tyler, Yale College, M.D., in practice
		in New Haven, Eunice, dece'd.
	  James and Henry have families and are now living in Northford.
	  Jonathan married a Culver. He and Sol_m_ Talmage were detached
		from the troop under Capt. Treat of Milford and were with him
		at the Capture of Bygoin, went to Lenox, Mass.

Rev. John Maltby of Bangor, Maine, Yale College, Class 1822, married ---- Jackson. Child William Jackson, J. R.

Timothy Maltby married Mabel Dimock, both deceased. He removed from Northford to Paris and in 1809 or 1810, from Paris to Richland, Oswego Co., N.Y., where he died. Had 11 children, 8 of whom, 4 sons and 4 daughters lived to have families. 2 daughters dece'd"


It will be noticed that Rev. Jonathan Maltby gives no descen- dants of Jonathan (2) youngest son of William (1) Maltby. This is undoubtedly due to the fact that this branch of the family removed to Stamford and were lost track of.

The history is quite remarkable for accuracy, especially as it is evident none of his data is taken from Vital Statistics, and must have been obtained from relatives he knew personally or to whom he wrote.

There are only two real errors in his compilation--the confusing of William Maltby, Junior, who died nine years before his father William (1), with William, Senior.

The other error is in having thought William's (1) eldest son was named "Joseph," when it was really John, but it is a slight matter as the record of John's descendants are accurate.

All together it is an admirable work, and has, largely, been a source of reference to all those who have come after him.

                                       D. M. V.

The MS. "Correct History," in the handwriting of its author, was recently owned by D.M.V., Mrs. Dorothy Maltby Verrill. She made in her handwriting a verbatim copy of it for me, and from the latter I have made the above quotations, including her Comment.

May the "Correct History" be preserved for the future. On page one we find the name of William Maltby "From England" and and the name of his son Samuel, "Squire Samuel," Yale 1712. On pages five and six we find the name of Samuel who "came to Northford," i.e. Samuel, Junior. Fourthly, we find the names of the sons of Samuel, Junior.

One Jonathan (4) was born 1751. We believe that he was the Jonathan Maltby or Molby who brought his family to Camillus, Onondaga County, New York, 1803.

                                         Fred A. Molby
                                         February, 1961