Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

Estate to the children of my Dear Son David Maltbie is not for want of a suitable affection for them but because my Dec'd Husband gave to their Dec'd Father, more than an Equal share of his Estate. I appoint my Loving and Trusting Son-in-law, Major David Waterbury Sole Executor. . . .

I have hereunto set my hand and seal the 24th day of April, A.D.
1770.                               her
                              Sarah (+) Maltbie
Witnesses: Peter Demill
           Ann Demill
           Joseph Demill

(Mrs. Maltbie calls herself "aged and feeble" which probably accounts for her making her mark).

It will be noticed that Peter Demill witnesses both these wills while Sarah's will is also witnessed by Ann and Joseph Demill. Is it possible that Sarah was a Demill, or related to this family? The following is interesting in the circumstances: "Anthony de Mille, b. in Holland. Died in New Amsterdam (New York). He mar. Elizabeth van der Liphorst. Their son, Peter deMille, was born in 1661, and died in 1722, high sheriff of New York, 1700-1. He mar. Marritje van der Heul, b. 1664, dau. of Abraham Joman and Tyntie Hendrickes, dau. of Hendrick Hendrickson Kip. Pieter deMille had a son Peter deMille, b. 1700; died 1774. He mar. Abigail Banks." (American Compendium, p. 636.)

Stamford is half way between New Haven and New York. This branch of the family used the French form "of" or "de." The Dutch form is "van der Moulen (of the Mill). Sir Peter Weuters van der Moulen was of Amsterdam, and knighted for distinguished service in the improvement of dykes and canals. His eldest son was Peter van Moulen, who came to America about 1650. In Colonial records it is stated that his name was changed to the English form of Peter Mills. He had a lot at Haddam, Conn. before 1669. (Vol. IV. Conn. Genealogies).

The Maltbie wills were copied at Stamford by Miss Ethel Lord Scofield, who, unfortunately, had not time to copy the inventories.

Their graves have not been located.

Children of Major Jonathan and Sarah Maltbie.
III.39.  Jonathan Maltbie, b. June 29, 1720.
III.40.  Abigail     "     b. Aug. 26, 1725, at Stamford
III.41.  David       "     b. Feb. 7, 1727.
III.42.  Sarah       "     b. July 5, 1731, Stamford (Evidently d. unmar.)
III.43.  Mary        "     b. Mar. 14, 1733    "
III.44.  Hannah      "     b. Oct. 30, 1741    "
III.45.  James       "     b. May 14, 1748  (Evidently died unmar.)

Third Generation

III.10. John Maltby, b. Sept. 10, 1698, (John 2, Wm. 1). On his baptismal record (Saybrook, Vol. III, p. 306), the name is recorded "John Molbie" and his marriage record reads: "John Malbie mar. Mehitable Clark, 12th November, 1724." (Saybrook Rec., Vol. II, p. 313).