Armorial Bearings

Copy of Rev. Jonathan (4) Maltby's MS.

Isaac Maltby born Nov. 1767. Married Lucinda Murray, born 1770, only child of Genl. Seth Murray, Hatfield, Mass., married 1790, lived with her in the Paternal mansion most of his life. He immi- grated to Waterloo, N.Y. and died there Sept. 9th 1819. See Obit. Mrs. M. June 9, 1846. See Obit. Ten children, all living: Isaac Fowler, Martha Church, Seth Murray, Elizabeth, Benjamin, Maria, Aurelia, Julia Anna,

Isaac Fowler, Lucinda, Martha Church.

Seth Murray Maltby married Abigail Granniss of Wallingford. 9 child- ren. 3 deceased. Isaac Murray, deceased, Seth Murray, 17, Henry Martin, Mary Love, 12, George Beecher, John Whitehead, twins, Victoria, 6, Henry Dwight, John Brooks, dec'd.

(Note. The following are children of Elizabeth White Maltby (5) who mar. Ephraim Chapin).

"Eliza Chapin, 6, Ephraim 29, Eliza 26, Maria 24, Lois 22, Charles, 19, Edward, 16.

Benjamin Maltby 6. Lucinda, 17; John, 15; Elizabeth Murray, 12; George 8; Charles 6.

Mariah Love 7. Julia 19, George 17, Maria 6; Elizabeth Murray 6, May and Albert dece'd.

Julia Ann Norton, 5, Lucinda 16, Henry 14, Edward 12, Julia 10, one died.

Isaac Fowler Maltby, 4, Isaac, 12, Eliza 10, Frances, 4,

Aurelia Fairchild 5, Isaac 25, Mary 22, Joseph 19, Julia 16, Frances 13,

Lucinda Salter 5, Josephine 14, John 8, Mary 4, Anna Maltby 1. Lucinda died.

Martha Church Love 4, John, Leila 3 and 2 infants.

Eliza Chapin married Mr. Toby has 1 son 2 years old.

Stephen Maltby married Abigail Williams, 3 sons, 1 daughter. Augustus, Elizur, Stephen, Julia.

Augustus married Nancy Townshend, 3 sons---

Theodore resides in Texas, Augustus in Geneva, N.Y., merchant,

George Washington, merchant Taylor this city--married ----

Bogart, N.Y. 1 child.

(Note. "George Washington" should be "George Williams"--he was my grandfather, he married Sarah Bogert. They had five children, but Theodore Augustus, born in 1847, was probably the only child when Rev. Jonathan compiled his history. This fact must also be applied to children of others mentioned).

Elizur was lost in the Epirer despatched ship U.S. from Mediteranian.

Julia married Stephen M. Bidwell, New Haven, 1 son. (Note. She married Henry Bidwell. She was my great, great aunt, and was still living when I was a child).

Stephen, son of Stephen, married Ann Lucas, is now living in Syra- cuse, N.Y. 2 daughters, one, Ann, now living, was here one term in Miss Mary Bradly's school.

Squire Samuel Maltby, Yale College, 1712, was Father to Samuel who came to Northford. He and my Father were brother's children, or first cousins.