Armorial Bearings

Copy of Rev. Jonathan (4) Maltby's MS.

"Eliha died 11 days old.

Benjamin, born Jan. 20th 1755, married Rebecca Taintor, born Sept. 20, 1758. He died in his 69th year, May 18, 1823.

Thaddeus, born Dec. 1756, brought from the northern army sick, died Dec. 1776.

Jonathan, born April 21, 1759, married Submit Taintor, born Dec. 20, 1763; died Dec. 18, 1848 in her 86th year.

Elizabeth, born 1761, married Elnathan Tyler, died March 22, 1781, 20th year, a little daughter proceeded her a few days.

Sarah born May 12, 1763, married James Linly.

Isaac, born Nov. 1767, married Lucinda Murray, only child of Gen. Seth Murray of Hatfield, Nov. 1790, died Sept. 9th, 1819 aged 52, Mrs. M. June 9th 1844, ae. 73.

Stephen Maltby, born July 1769, married Abigail Williams, daughter of Rev. Warham Williams, Oct. 1778; died June 22, 1812, ae. 42.

Brother Benjamin had 10 children, Thaddeus, Benjamin, Elizabeth, DeGrass, Julius, Samuel, Elbridge, Erastus, Eliza.

"Thaddeus married Mary Hall, have 2 sons, William and Isaac."

Note. My record is that Thaddeus mar. Elizabeth Hall of Wallingford, May 18, 1809." (This I think, was from William Hall Maltby's old Bible).

William married a daughter of Rufus Foot. Benjamin--no children; both dead.

Elizabeth married Judge Bronson, Waterburg, Ct., had 2 daughters, Rebecca, Susan, died greatly lamented, June 1840.

DeGrass married Sarah Smith, daughter of Capt. Caleb Smith, East Haven, lives in the paternal mansion. 2 sons, 2 daughters: Caleb, Edward, Janett, Susan.

(Note. "Susan" I have as "Sarah," according to Deac. Charles Foote's Maltby Genealogy).

Caleb married in Pittsburg, Penn.; Edward is not. Janett married Woodard--- Fair Haven.

Julius married Melinda Fowler, daughter of deacon Solomon. They have 5 children: Douglas, Jane, Mary, Chapman, Isabella. Douglas married Rebecca Brunson, daughter of Judge B. She was a mother, infant and mother died.

---- (Samuel) Maltby married Charlot DeWitt, they have 1 son, 3 daughters, Charles, Emelia, Elizabeth, Harriet. Emelia married Rev. Benjamin Page, pastor of a church in Bridgeport.

	   Elizabeth married Dr. Atwater Tyler, Yale College.
	   Mrs. Emela has a son.
	   Elizabeth has a son.

Charles married a daughter of Col. Elihim Linly, have one child.

Elbridge mar. Jane Ball, N.Y. have 1 son, 2 daughters (he is a merch- ant), Ellsworth, Augusta, Henneretta. Ellsworth married.

Rev. Erastus Maltby of Taunton, Mass. married Almira Smith, daughter of Capt. C. S. They have 6 children.

Eliza Maltby married Capt. Jonathan Fowler, they have 3 sons, Benjamin Maltby, M.D. Yale Coll., Edward, Oscar.

(Note. According to descendants there was no Edward, but they give a son Levi. It is possible Levi could be "Edward Levi.") Benjamin was good, regular practice in Durham, Ct. married wife Jewel, daughter of ---- died 22nd March. 1849.