Armorial Bearings

Copy of Rev. Jonathan (4) Maltby's MS.

at Bermuda (and?) at Wilton, S. Carolina. A strenuous Ajsorto (?) of the doctrines of Grace-Convinced of Original Guilt and confiding in ye sole, Rightiousness of Christ, to justify lost men before God. In preaching zealous and ja--- in his doctrines firm--in his sermons judicious--correct, soleum-of manners gentle, polite and humane-- of strong mental powers--embelished with sacred and Polite Litera- ture--In his friendship, correct, sincere, cordial and trusty-- detesting craft, dissimulation and Fraud.

He died Sept. 30th A.D. 1771. Actat 44. Copied from a stone table 6 feet by 3, four feet from elder President Wheelock's monument (near?) Richards, Hanook, N. H."

	"Daniel was my grand Father, had 3 sons, Joseph, David, Benja-
min.  Their descendants are spread over the States.  Most in Connect-
icut, Vermont, New York, Ohio.
	Joseph's posterity are numerous.
	He had 3 sons, Joseph, William, Jonathan.
	Joseph's descendants are and were in New York State.  William
	and Jonathan lived and died in Vershire, Vermont.
	William said to me: "I have 19 sons and daughters, and it
might be 20."
His son William died in Ohio.  See Benjamin K.'s Letter.
	"Uncle Daniel Maltby and my Father Benjamin, lived in Northford,
near neighbours, and my Father died there.
	"Daniel had 11 children, 3 sons, 8 daughters all deceased,
sons: Daniel, Benjamin, Zacheus.
	Benjamin died Jan. 1847, Southington, Ohio, at his son's.
	Daniel Maltby in his 98th year, leaving 3 sons, respectable men.
	Simeon, 74; Benjamin, 72; Jacob, 68; Ami, 66, Elon, 64,

Nathaniel H. 61; deacon Daniel, 58; Jesse, 56. Hannah, Julia, are not. 22 children with their companions, all professors, 59 grand- children, 35 professors; 76 great grand children; 1 of the 6th gener- ation. 270 descendants.

He was a decided, consistent Christian--a true patriot. See Obit. died in peace--sleeps in Jesus.

		"Soft as the Zepher died at eve away,
		 Calm as the moonbeams of a dewy night,
		 Bright as the sun set of a summer's day,
		 Was Maltby's transit to a world of light.
		 Friends shed for him no bitter tears,
		 But joy that he has gone to peaceful rest,
		 So rich in virtue and so ripe in years.

"My honored Father, was born 1716, his first wife was Sarah Harrington, one of the daughters of deacon Samuel Harrington. After 7 years of wedded life she died without children. Deacon Harrington was one of the Pilgrim fathers, was eminently pious--was much esteem- ed--was a leading member in the Village and a pillar in the early church, in Northford.

My Father's 2nd wife was Elizabeth Fowler of Durham, Ct., daughter of Josiah Fowler and Hannah Baldwin, (sister to deacon B. of Durham and Elder Baldwin of Milford, Conn.) was born Oct. 20th, 1728, was married 1753. He died July 9th, 1796, in his 80th year. Dear mother died Dec. 31, 1820, in her 93rd. They had 8 children.