Armorial Bearings

Copy of Rev. Jonathan (4) Maltby's MS.

"1848." (PLEASE see note. p. 6) "Correct History"

"Two brothers, John and William Maltby came from London to Branford, to New Haven. When they came I am not informed."

_ (Note. They may have sailed from London). "John was living in New Haven, 1670; died before 1677, left a widow Mary. 2 children, John and Mary.

In 1698 the widow Mary had married a Howd*, Long Island, and John Maltby the son then lived in South Hampton, Long Island. Mary prob- ably married a Gelson; hence Rev. John Maltby Gelson, Yale College, 1791 and 1827 father and son John might die without family.

"William Maltby lived in New Haven previous to 1700, married a daughter of John Morris; died 1701, had 5 sons."

(Note. Here Rev. Jonathan has confused William Maltby, Senior, d. 1710, with his son William, who died 1701. The five sons he gives is correct, excepting he calls John (2) Joseph). "5 sons. Joseph, William, Daniel, Samuel, Jonathan."

"Joseph, Yale College, of Saybrook did not graduate for want of health."

_ (Note. It was John (2) who was of Saybrook).

"I am led to believe that he was the father of Nathaniel Maltby, who was the father of Elizabeth Maltby--and born Sept. 4th 1724 in Say- brook. She married William Lyon, who was born April 16th, 1716 in Boston. He died in New Haven, Jan. 31, 1767.

Her father, Nathaniel Maltby died 1731. His widow married Capt. John Talmage, 1735, he was living 1743. Mrs. Lyon died in New Haven, Oct. 16, 1810, aged 86. She left 2 sons, William, Nathaniel.

William was b. 1742, married Lois Mansfield, born 1747, he died. See Obit. She d. Aug. 2, ----"

(Note. My record gives the birth of William Lyon (5) as "March 6, 1748.")

"Nathaniel died--his wife--They left 2 daughters, Nancy, Sarah. "Mehitable Maltby of Saybrook married Jonathan Osborn, merchant, New Haven. They had 3 daughters and son: Abigail, Nancy, Mehitable, Jonathan, graduated Yale College. Who was her Father I have not been able to learn. See Obit. Religious Intellegence 1820,21."

(Note. Mehitable (4) John (3) John (2) Wm.(1)).

"William Maltby 2nd married Sarah Davenport, daughter of Rev. John Davenport of Stamford, Conn. Was the father of Elizabeth and John. They lived in Lebanon, 1748. Rev. Eleazer Wheelock married for his first wife, April 1735, Mrs. Sarah Maltby, relict of Capt. William Maltby of New Haven, and daughter of the Rev. John Davenport of Stam- ford. She died in Lebanon Nov. 13, 1746 aged 43.

Rev. John Maltby was the son of William Maltby and Sarah Daven- port. Grad. Yale College 1747. President Stiles said, "he was the best hebrewisher of the age." 1771 he came from South Carolina to my Father's in Northford, on his way to Dartmouth College to succeed President Wheelock. In 2 weeks was a corpse. He was a tall large man, majestic deportment, pleasant, sociable, affectionate manners. Obit. "Here rests the body of ye Rev. John Maltby, born at New Haven, was born August ye 3rd A.D. 1727, grad- uated at Yale College A.Dom. 1747. Minister to Presbyterian Church

*(This may have been Howel. Howd is not correct).