Armorial Bearings

Note. It seems probable to me, from many records, that there is a double line of descent in the Maltby family--through a marriage of Maltby, of Lincolnshire with a Maltby of Norfolk.

Bishop Edward Maltby descended from Maltby of Orston, Notting- G. hamshire whose ancestry is traced back to 1498. Another descendant of this family is Brough Maltby of London, England, whose coat-of- arms was the same as that of the old Yorkshire family. Motto "Praes- to. Et Persto."* In recent years, not being able to prove their de- scent from the Yorkshire family, Mr. Brough Maltby obtained a Grant of arms. The bend with the wheat sheaves in between 2 fleur-de-lys of the Brough family.

H. In Victoria, B.C. I had tea with the widow of T. James Maltby; she showed me the gold seal which had belonged to her husband's father, also a T. James Maltby. He was British Vice-Counsel at Brussels. (Brusells?) This T. James Maltby spent his life "browsing in old Muniment rooms" and had compiled a chart of the Maltby family back to pre-Conquest days. Mrs. Maltby told me she had seen the chart and on it was the name of "Godfoi (or Godfrey) the famous Crusader."

These old charts included collateral lines very frequently. As near as I could learn, this was Godfrey Duke of Brabaut.

Oddly enough, I knew well a family in North Vancouver, for many years before I discovered the gentleman's mother was a Maltby by birth. I learned that a "cousin in London had two hat boxes full of old Maltby deeds shoved under her bed," and later I heard that "one of the deeds was of Fulk and dated in 900 A.D." (I should say they never had heard me mention the name of Fulk). I gathered the cousin had just sold one of the deeds to the British Museum. I have not a doubt but what with the intensive bombing of London, these are all gone. I did all I could later to get what information was pos- sible, but it has been evident that everyone connected with this branch of the family will give out no information.

The arms on the gold seal were the sheaves of wheat on the bend, between six cross-crosslets. (T. James Maltby arms).

I. From Dr. Harold Bowditch, Committee on Heraldry of New England Genealogical and Historical Society, Boston, to whom I am indebted for valuable assistance, I received the following: "I have a MS. book of arms, containing a preponderance of Yorkshire coats, prob- ably painted between 1640-1643. A late addition is:

	"On a bend gules, 3 crosses couped gold"
                 "Marked Maltby"

                   Maltby Arms
                Used in the States

The Inventory of Capt. Samuel (2) (William (1) Maltby, who died Dec. 2, 1751, records: "Coat-of-Arms, 10 chillings." It seems al- most certain he is the Mr. Maltby referred to in "The History of Massachusetts" by Thomas Hutchinson, late Governor of Mass." as hav- ing gone to England in 1740. Possibly he brought this coat-of-arms back with him.

Dr. Harold Bowditch states one cannot be certain this was a family coat-of-arms--there were instances of people owning copies of *I perform and I persevere.