Armorial Bearings

Mowbray. Their ancestor, William Maltby of Hoveringham, Notts., married in 1749, Anne Mowbray, "a kinswoman of Lord Mowbray."

Outside of the old Maltby pedigree of "Maltby of Maltby and Muston, Yorks," the wheat sheaves have been used by numerous Maltbys.

A. Sir Nicholas Malby, knighted in 1576, was undoubtedly a son of John Maltby of Welton and Dunholme, Lincoln, and the Customs House, London. His Will 1532. Arms of Sir Nicholas: "Argent on a bend, between two cottises gules, three garbs or."

The "Dictionary of National Biography" states: "Sir Nicholas Malby was descended from an old Yorkshire family mentioned in the Plantation of Leix."

B. "Malby of Stonham Aspall, Suffolk"

This line is traced back to "Sir John Malbye of Malbye Hall, in Lynn, Norfolk." (circa 1500 or before) "Arms. On a bend between 2 cotisses engrailed gules, 3 garbs. pro- per." (Ref. Suffolk Traveller, p. 616-617).

C. "Arthur Malby, born in Norfolk, (a kin to Sir Nicholas Malby), of London. Arms granted in 1589. "Arms. On a bend between 2 cottisses engrailed gules, three garbs or." (Ref. Stowe MS. 676, fo. 79_b_. Queens' College, Oxford, M.S. 37, fo. 117).

Note. Arthur Malby's daughter, Elizabeth, married William Bes- wick of Spilmanden, Co. Kent. The "Visitation of Kent, 1619-1621" (Havl. Soc. Pub. Vol. 42, 1898) gives the Beswick coat-of-arms, quartering, 2 and 3, "Argent on a bend between 2 cottises engrailed gules 3 garbs, banded, or "for Malby."

D. Maltby of North Allerton, Yorkshire.

Arms. Argent a bend, between 2 cotises engrailed gules. On the bend 2 gold wheat sheaves, in the centre a bugle horn, silver. (The bugle horn was for Foxon)--a small black crescent at the top, denoted the ancestor was a second son. The crest is a sheaf of wheat, gold, banded with blue from which a bugle horn is suspended. The old motto "O pes Parit Industria" was changed by one branch to "Industria Parit Cepiam."

Mr. Hylton B. Dale--of Genealogical Society, London, sent:

E. "Maltby Arms. Argent, on a bend gules, 3 garbs or. Supporters of the shield. "a lion rampant and a cross patee of the second."

F. Bishop Edward Maltby, Bishop of Durham, England, had two book- plates. On the left half of the shield, are the Maltby arms, Argent, on a bend gules 3 garbs or, quartering, Gules, somee' de lis, a lion rampant argent." This appears to be Holland. The crest is a large sheaf of wheat. The right side of the shield is gold, with a chief gules, indented, on which are 3 crescents, argent. Motto: "Nil Sine Labore."

The other Bookplate: on the left, "Argent a bend gules on which are the three garbs or. but the bent is between a lion rampant, pur- ple, and a cross pattee. The "cross pattee" is Malby, Co. Norfolk" The purple lion rampant is claimed to be for Beaumont. (?)