Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

about 1755, Ebenezer Wood was chosen Captain." Huntington also states:

"Among the town notables of that day, 1746, were Col. Jonathon Hoyt, Captain Jonathon Maltbie and Mr. Abraham Davenport." Records of the First Church of Stamford, begin Jan. 1, 1747, and contain the name of "Jonathon Maltbie, Esqre." Stamford Records give the marriage of John Davenport, b. 1729, who married in 1748 Deborah Ambler. They were married by "Jonathon Maltbie, Esq. one of his Majesty's Justices for the County of Fairfield." According to Huntington, Jonathon Maltbie "attained the rank of Colonel." Unfortunately Huntington has given part of this Military record to Jonathon's son, Jonathon (3) who was born in 1720 and died in 1745.

Major Jonathon's will is dated Sept. 19, 1767. His sword is owned by a lineal descendant, Mrs. Samuel B. Doggett of Wiscasset, Maine, a photograph of which is in the possession of the compiler. "The sword would date back to about 1752."

Abstract of will of Jonathon Maltbie of Stamford in Fairfield County.

Imprimis I bequeath unto my Loving Grandson, Jonathon Maltbie, the Son of my Dec'd Son Jonathon Maltbie, of my Estate to the value of 35, etc.

The Remainder of my Estate, both Real and personal, to my Loving and Beloved wife, Sarah Maltbie, to her and her heirs forever.

The reason I Do not in this my will give any of my Estate to any of my children, or to the Children of my Dec'd son David, is not because I have forgot them or have not a Suitable Regard for them, but the Reason is this:

I have already advanced for my said Dec'd Son and my children which are Living and given to them as Portion as much of my Estate as the Circumstances thereof will admit of, and if my said wife Shall not have occasion to Improve and Spend all that is above given her (She being the mother of all my said Children) I leave it with her to dispose of it among them as She Shall think Proper.

I appoint my Loving wife, Sarah Maltbie Sole Executrix. . .I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal the 19th Day of Sept. A.D. 1767.

                                         Jonathon Maltbie

Signed, Sealed published and pronounced and

Declared by Jonth. Maltbie, Esq, the testator to be his last will and testament in the presence of

     Abrm. Davenport
     Peter Demilll
     Daniel Loder"
                     (Stamford Probate Rec. Vol. III, p. 291).
     The will of Jonathon's wife, Sarah Maltbie, widow, is on Stamford
Probate Records, Vol. III, p. 408.

Abstract of will of Sarah Maltbie of Stamford in Fairfield Co., Conn. Colony.

Imprimis. My wearing apparel, unto my three Daughters, viz: Abigail Squire, Mary Waterbury and Hannah Buckley to be equally divided among them.

Remainder of my Estate I give unto my two living Daughters, viz: Abigail Squire and Mary Waterbury to be Equally Divided between them. The reason I do not give my Daughter Hannah an Equal share with her Sisters is not for want of an Equal affection to her but because my Dec'd Son James hath given her such a Legacy that I have not enough to make her Sisters Equal with her, and the Reason I do not give some part of my