Armorial Bearings

Maltby, sent the following on Richard Maltby, and mentions it was odd to find this data in Yorkshire records.

"1219. Robert de Mauteby, son of Richard Maltby, gave to the Priory of St. Mary Sibthorpie all his rent from his salt works in Suffolk." Note by Mrs. Stevenson: "This is the first mention I find of Maltbys in Suffolk and this seems to be where Mauteby comes in and shows the connection with the Maltbys of Yorkshire. Notice the son is "Mauteby" while the father is "Maltby."

Whereas Mautby and Mawtbey are chiefly used in the Norfolk family, my earliest record there, circa 1140-1150, is a grant to Walter son of "Robert de Maltebi." Later we find:

1168.  Robert de Maltebi  (Pipe Rolls)
1207.  Walter de Malteby  (Curia Regis)
1220.  Robert de Malteby  (Patent Rolls)
1229.  Walter de Malteby  (Bloomfield's Norfolk)
1249.  Walter de Malteby  (Bloomfield's Norfolk)
1249.  Robert de Malteby  (Pipe Rolls)
Circa 1250.  Walter de Mallebi (Norfolk Ancient Deeds)
  "     "       "   de Maltebi     "       "      "
1256.  Sir Walter de Malteby, Knt, late son of Robert de Bassingham.
       (9th Report.  St. Paul's MSS.)  land in Runwell and Rettenden,
       Co. Essex."
       "Seal and heraldic counter seal attached."
1283.  Robert de Malteby  (Patent Rolls)
1295.  Dominus (lord of) Robertus de Malteby  (Palgrave's Writs and
                                               Military Summons)
1295.  Robert de Malteby (Patent Rolls and Close Rolls)
1296.     "    "    "    (Patent Rolls)
1296.  William de Malteby  (Close Rolls)
1299.  Robert de Malteby  (Bloomfield's Norfolk; also Close Rolls)
1301.  Robert de Malteby  (Writs and Military Summons)
1302.  Amice de Malteby  (Feudal Aids)
1306.  Alicia "    "         "     "
1302.  Robert de Malteby     "     "
1309.  William de Maltby, Lord of the Manor of Maltby."
         (Palgrave's Writs and Military Summons)

(Note. All the other items were in Norfolk, this may however be William Maltby, Yorkshire. William is not a name in the Norfolk Maltbys).

1316.  Aveline de Maltby, or Mauteby  (Parl. Writs)
1316.  John de Maltby (Malteby, Mauteby) Lord of Mauteby  (Parl. Writs)
1316.  Thomas de Maltby, Parson of the Church of Maltby (Palgrave's
1316.  John de Maultby.  (Feudal Aids)
1320.  John de Malteby   (Bloomfield's Norfolk)
1326.  Robert de Mateby  (State Papers) (This may be a York record).
1334.  John de Malteby, knight. (Pat. Rolls)
1337.  Sir Robert de Malteby (Hist. MSS. Commissoner's Reports)
                              (also Close Rolls)
1339.  John de Malteby and Robert his son  (Close Rolls)
1343.  Robert de Mallety, for carrying away goods from a ship at
             Lowestoft, Suffolk.  (Patent Rolls)
1349.  Edward de Maultby was Rector of the Church of St. Peter and
        St. Paul at Mauteby, presented by Sir Robert de Mauteby.
               (Bloomfield, Norfolk)