Armorial Bearings

"Robert son of Richard de Maltby, Gyles. John, Jeffrey, Matthew and Ralph his brothers, came to an agreement with Robert son of Wal- ter de Mauteby for three caracates of land which they claimed as the inheritance of Robert (son of Richard) their father which they re- leased to Robert son of Walter.

Robert de Mauteby, son of Richard, aforementioned gave to God and St. Mary of Sibton Priory, in Suffolk, all his rent in his Salt works."

"A lion rampant on the seal--the seal is large."

The "Lion rampant" was a distinctive coat-of-arms of Mowbray, Earls of Warren and Surrey.

My conviction is that these Norfolk Maltbys--or Mawtbys--Maute- bys--did not take their name from the place of Maltby, Norfolk, but were a branch of Maltby of Yorkshire.

The "Pipe Rolls, 14 Henry II, Norfolk and Suffolk," gives: "1168 A.D. Robert de Maltebi owes 40 shillings. Rc. 2/1d 1169 A.D. Robert de Maltebi owes 40 shillings."

He is not mentioned after 1169. While in Yorkshire, we find:-- (Farrer's Early York Charters)

"1163-1170. Notitia of certain gifts to the Nuns of Appleton."

"No. 3. By William de Kyme of 30 acres in Elkington (Lincoln) which Robert the Steward, father of Margaret his wife, bequeathed to the nuns at his death."

Consequently we know Robert de Maltby was dead in 1170. The Norfolk male line is mainly "Robert and Walter." In York, Farrer's pedigree gives a "Walter son of Robert," (brother of Robert, father of Margaret wife of William de Kyme) who Farrer states "d.s.i." However Farrer gives Walter a brother Henry and says he "d.s.i.," but I have found a Guisboro Charter, 1196, of "Herbert son of Henry."

Then we have the name "Richard" in the Suffolk grant. Up to this date only one Richard Maltby has been discovered. 1200. (The Registrum Antiquissimum Cathedral Church of Lincoln.

         Vol. V. (1910) Lincoln Record Society).

"Richard de Mautbi, witnesses a grant of land in Saltfleetby, Lincoln, by Humphrey fitz Walter and his wife Alice." (E. R. Stick- ney states: "Humphrey fitz Walter was a de Clare.") As Robert de Maltby, "dead in 1170" has as wife Rohais? de Clare, "the Countess", this seems probable.

Then we have "A.D. 1210, Ricardi de Malteby, regarding St. Mary's Abbey, York." ("Eboracum" by Francis Drake) and "1211 A.D. Allstock, Cheshire deed. "Robert le Brun granted Picot his son, 4th witness: Richard de Maltebi. Seal of a knight on horseback." (The Ancestor, Vol. II, p. 140).

I place these references to Richard as concerning one man. Mowbray appear frequently on old Maltby deeds, as seen where "Will- iam de Mowbrai" witnesses the deed of William son of Fulk de Maltby. Possibly there was an intermarriage.

Mrs. C. B. Stevenson of Newcastle-on-Tyne-Northumberland, daugh- ter of A. Sydney Maltby, of the Greasley, Notts., Maltbys--and to both of whom I am deeply indebted for volumious records of the early