Armorial Bearings

Not until circa 1200, were hereditary coats-of-arms in anything like general use.

Equestrian seals, however, were inuse--an example before me is dated as late as "1438" and is on a grant of Robert (Nevill) Bishop of Durham. It is in white wax.

Our first record of a seal used by a Maltby occurs about 1200 A.D. We quote from "Guisboro Cartulary, Surtees Society Vol. 89. Vol. II. p. LV.

"Willelmus filius Fuls(onis) omnibus M.S. Ecclesial filiis, et omnibus amicis suis pressentibus et futuris, salutem. Sciatis mededisse, etc; Dec et sanctimonialibus de Torp dual bov. terrae kildale cumomnibus port. in perp. eleem.

	T. Solas et quiatas ab omni action seculari.
	T. Roberto, Clerico de Marton
	   Ricardo filio Willelmi de Tameton.
	   Willelmo de Monbrai
	   Roberto de Hoton
	   Baldrico de Marton
	   Willelmo filio Brieni.
Seal: "On horseback, in ye right hand, a sword, the left hand hold-
	  ing the bridle + Sigillum:
	   "Willielmi Fil; Ful(e)onis"
    (Dodsworth MSS., VII, 66b.)

"This gift was confirmed to the Nuns of Basedale, whither they removed from Nunthorp, by Walter de Percy, son of William de Percy of Kildale.

*H. T. Domino Willelmo de Skeftling.
	  Domino Willelmo de Coupland.
	  Domino Rogero de Sturs.
	  Domino Willelmo de Mautebi, (miles).x x
	  Rogero filio Nicholai
Rogero Bagod
	Johanne Medico tune Ballivo de Cleveland, et aliis.
Seal: "On horseback; sword and shield in white paste, turned with
	  time, somewhat brown.
	  + Sigill.  Walteri De Perci  (Ibid, folio 55)
	 "It was further confirmed by Henry III, in 1236. (Ibid, fo.58_b_.)

*Domino - i.e. lord of
x x miles - i.e. knight.

Dr. Farrer's "Early York Charters", under date "1175 A.D." has:

"1175. Grant by William son of Fulk de Maltby to the Nuns of Nunforth, of 2 bovates in Kildale."

"1175-1185. William son of Fulk de Maltby gave 2 bovates in Kildale to the Nuns of Basedale. Confirmed by Henry III in 1236."

The next seal, known to me, to be on a Maltby deed is in Nor- folk, A.D. 1219.

(Bloomfield. Vol. XI, pp. 226-227)

"Lordship of Maltby or Mawtby."

"Norfolk and Suffolk.

1219. (4 Henry III)